Another holiday over…

I just finished my huge family Christmas and man am I glad it’s over. I have a huge German and Scandinavian family, which I’m sure many people in Minnesota do. This means that every year I have to go to more than just one or two parties. For family alone I went to four parties this season. I am an only child and my parents are still together…BUT I HAD FOUR PARTIES TO GO TO!!

I had one break this weekend and used to get together with my friends and have our own Christmas get together. We had a White Elephant party. I don’t know if this is practiced anywhere else, but they are a hoot. Everyone brings a present they have recieved in the past that they just don’t like or want anymore. You then can just go pass them out to people or play any number of different games where you get stuck with a certan present. It is always a blast and you leave with something you never would have bought for yourself. I got a big stuffed moose decoration and a book called 101 Cataclysims. Yes, it has a bunch of words and pictures all surrounding the cat theme. And I like it gosh darnit!!

I hope you had fun during whatever holiday you celebrate. Now get ready to party hardy and usher in a new year!!

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