home at last

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, going to many different cities in many different states, but I’m finally back home in the TC, and I’m glad that I won’t have to leave again for awhile. At least not until February, when I make my annual pilgrimage to the land of LA for an event that’s far too nerdy to talk about in here just yet.

A quick rundown of my traveling consists of a drive through Iowa into Missouri to Springfield, the city of my birth, lo those many years ago. This was over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I mentioned it in my entry from the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, I think. That’s where I flew from Springfield, MO to Chicago, IL, for the remainder of the weekend. Rather than flying back, which I could’ve done on Tuesday, since my connecting flight was through Minneapolis, believe it or not, I rode back to Minnesota with some friends, through Wisconsin. I hate that drive. It’s fine until 90 and 94 split, and suddenly the mile markers jump up another hundred miles.

The second weekend in December, a friend of mine and I flew to Newark, NJ, to our ultimate destination of NYC, for a touristy weekend. I’m currently writing about that trip in another online journal, in something of an experimental form. Not sure if it’s going to work or not. We’ll see.

My last trip was last weekend. My family drove from Minneapolis to Fargo, ND, to celebrate our secular holiday traditions a week early. In less than a month, I visited eight states, and numerous cities. All in all, I’m glad to be back in Minneapolis. Out of all the places I’ve been recently, I feel most comfortable here. I do wish there was a quick cheap way to get to Chicago and NYC, though. It would be fun to be able to hop a train that would get me there in less than an hour to go see a show for the evening, wouldn’t it?

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