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To much to do…

The only reason I hate the holidays is I have no time to do all the great things I planned on doing. I didn’t get to see the Hollidazzle Parade or even see the Snow White display at Marshall Field’s. It hasn’t been good enough conditions to go skiing or snowboarding. I am too busy at work to catch up on movies.

What has been up with this weather!?!?! It is sooo weird. First it is REALLY cold, then it snows, now it is rainy and almost forty. This is all in a span of a week and a half. I shouldn’t be freaking out too badly. I have an aunt down in Texas who called on Christmas to say they had two feet of snow and it was 27 degrees out. They are not that far from the southern coast of Texas. How weird would that be?

Satisfaction not guaranteed

You know how every so often you get a craving for something that you know isn’t very good, that after you ate it, you’ll probably regret it? This morning, my eye caught the coupons that my mom gave me a couple of weeks ago for McDonald’s new chicken tender things. I looked through the booklet and discovered that there were also some coupons for breakfast sandwiches. So I decided to hell with it, I want a sausage egg biscuit. Well, two, since the coupon is buy one, get one free. On my way to work, I stopped at the McD’s in City Center. Still open right now, but there’s a sign that says they’ll be closing. I believe the entire food court is going to close pending their continued remodeling. But I digress. McDonald’s in City Center was open for business, and I showed my coupon and ordered my breakfast sandwiches. The response I got was that the downtown Minneapolis McD’s don’t honor coupons. What? I knew they didn’t have a dollar menu, that they haven’t had one since the dollar menu concept started, but they don’t even honor coupons? What the hell? I can’t figure this out. Sure, they have high rent being in the location they are. But they charge more and have tremendous lunch rushes. During lunch, you’ll have to wait almost your entire luch time to get your food it seems like. So they should be making back the amount they lose with higher rent by higher prices and volume. So why no coupons? I think it’s greed, plain and simple. And another reason for me to continue to avoid McDonald’s. Especially the ones downtown.

P.S. They didn’t get any of my money, either. Upon finding out that they don’t honor coupons, I left without ordering anything.

Another holiday over…

I just finished my huge family Christmas and man am I glad it’s over. I have a huge German and Scandinavian family, which I’m sure many people in Minnesota do. This means that every year I have to go to more than just one or two parties. For family alone I went to four parties this season. I am an only child and my parents are still together…BUT I HAD FOUR PARTIES TO GO TO!!

I had one break this weekend and used to get together with my friends and have our own Christmas get together. We had a White Elephant party. I don’t know if this is practiced anywhere else, but they are a hoot. Everyone brings a present they have recieved in the past that they just don’t like or want anymore. You then can just go pass them out to people or play any number of different games where you get stuck with a certan present. It is always a blast and you leave with something you never would have bought for yourself. I got a big stuffed moose decoration and a book called 101 Cataclysims. Yes, it has a bunch of words and pictures all surrounding the cat theme. And I like it gosh darnit!!

I hope you had fun during whatever holiday you celebrate. Now get ready to party hardy and usher in a new year!!

Over the river and through the Dells

I’m off to Chicago tomorrow to spend Christmas with my parents. In Chicago, things like this never happen. Free registration may be required to read the story. Basically, a young man walked in the (unlocked) front door of a Motley, MN home, tied up the homeowners, and demanded their money. The couple, though, kept asking the burglar if they could fix him a meal.

“What do you need?” said the wife. “Are you hungry? How can we help you?”

Going home always makes me realize how much I miss my family and how many things I miss about Chicago. It’s amazing, though: somebody’s robbing your house and you offer to feed him. It’s stories like that that make Minnesota feel like my home.

Curtain up

I’ve been seeing lots of live performance lately, most notably the musical Wicked, at the Gershwin Theater on Broadway when I was in NYC a couple of weekends ago. But we have our own fine theater traditions here in the TC, as I was talking about with someone I met in New York. Rob worked in a theater management position out east and was contemplating relocating, so I had to talk up our own little Mini-Apple. He expressed great outrage at the possibility of Clear Channel owning a part of our Historic Theater group; hopefully I’ll be able to send him some good news on that front.

Right before I left, I saw Miss Richfield 1981‘s holiday show at the Illusion Theater. I’d never seen Miss Richfield perform a show before and she’s a riot. Thanks to Mikhail for asking me to help him usher and thus allowing me to see the show for free.

Tonight, I’m heading across the river to the Ordway to see On the Record, some new musical from Disney, that features songs from their entire film and recording history. I don’t know too much about it, except that they’re not recreating scenes from the films for the show.

For the New year, I’m going to make a concentrated effort to see more live performances, local thater, live music, and basically participate more in our art scene. How long is it until the 2005 Fringe Festival?

home at last

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, going to many different cities in many different states, but I’m finally back home in the TC, and I’m glad that I won’t have to leave again for awhile. At least not until February, when I make my annual pilgrimage to the land of LA for an event that’s far too nerdy to talk about in here just yet.

A quick rundown of my traveling consists of a drive through Iowa into Missouri to Springfield, the city of my birth, lo those many years ago. This was over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I mentioned it in my entry from the Springfield/Branson Regional Airport, I think. That’s where I flew from Springfield, MO to Chicago, IL, for the remainder of the weekend. Rather than flying back, which I could’ve done on Tuesday, since my connecting flight was through Minneapolis, believe it or not, I rode back to Minnesota with some friends, through Wisconsin. I hate that drive. It’s fine until 90 and 94 split, and suddenly the mile markers jump up another hundred miles.

The second weekend in December, a friend of mine and I flew to Newark, NJ, to our ultimate destination of NYC, for a touristy weekend. I’m currently writing about that trip in another online journal, in something of an experimental form. Not sure if it’s going to work or not. We’ll see.

My last trip was last weekend. My family drove from Minneapolis to Fargo, ND, to celebrate our secular holiday traditions a week early. In less than a month, I visited eight states, and numerous cities. All in all, I’m glad to be back in Minneapolis. Out of all the places I’ve been recently, I feel most comfortable here. I do wish there was a quick cheap way to get to Chicago and NYC, though. It would be fun to be able to hop a train that would get me there in less than an hour to go see a show for the evening, wouldn’t it?

Don’t tease me, Paul

Paul Douglas is being pretty cagey about the whole White Christmas issue these days.

If we’re going to tough out another Minnesota winter, then I think a picturesque Christmas for our troubles isn’t too much to ask. Come on, Paul… yes or no? Stop toying with me!

home again home again jiggety jig

I’m back from visiting fellow Metroblogging metropolises (metropoles?) Chicago and New York, and while it’s fun to travel, I think I’m happy enough with Minneapolis to not make plans to move quite yet. It certainly does seem more cozy after those two places. In both locations, I partook of some of their cultural events, namely the Chicago Art Institute and a Broadway show, quite possibly the best show I’ve ever seen, Wicked.

Now that I’m back, I’m need to make sure I’m drinking from the cultural font that is the TC, and so tonight, I’ll be attending a performance by the Minnesota Orchestra. On the bill tonight are excerpts from Mozart’s Symphonies Nos. 31 in D Major, 25 in G Minor, 29 in A Major, and 40 in G Minor. I’ve been going to the Orchestra more and more over the past couple of years, initiated by an ex with season tickets, and now I’m in process of introducing others to the experience. Afterwards, I may mosey over to the Saloon, for a different sort of cultural experience. Or I may just go home and try to get over the last bits of this cold.

Local music…

I picked up a new CD from a woman I work with at one of my many jobs. It is a great CD that you can listen to online at CD Baby. Her name is Debra G and she has bright pink hair, a sassy attitude, and a voice that won’t quit. Go check it out!!

Where to hang our hats?

My husband and I are going to be buying a house before too long, and I

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