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It’s beginning to look a lot like….oh forget it

The weather may not be very seasonal (not that I’m complaining), but indoors around downtown it’s definitely Christmas season. You may have noticed walking through Marshall Fields and Starbucks, that it’s holly jolly already. Nate recently wrote about getting Elf on DVD, and the 8th floor holiday display at our venerated downtown department store, so yesterday on my lunch break, a friend and I went through the display. Yes, it’s already open, for over a week now, I think. Past years have had Harry Potter and the Grinch, but this year goes back to the classics…sort of. The maze of passages features displays of the Snow White story, designed by local artists, and there are spots where adults are going to laugh out loud at what they’ve come up with. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but take a good look at the Prince. I’m certain that his name must be Justin, and he’s an escapee from the OC or an Orlando boy band. I do think it’s one of the better displays over the last couple of years, though. Very imaginative. Check it out and go to the Holidazzle.

Under construction

Minneapolis’s City Center has always seemed to be such a crossroads downtown to me, bustling with people all during the workday. I miss the B. Dalton that was on the first level for as long as I can remember, for all its crappiness as a bookstore, and even though there was a Barnes & Noble a few blocks away. Something about the layout of the B. Dalton made it seem more welcoming to me, somehow more of a bookstore. It closed, followed by so many more stores. Fortunately the Cinnabon closed right when I got my job downtown. Man, if there was a Cinnabon in the skyway, I’d weigh at least eight times my current weight.

As far as stores go right now, it’s virtually empty. There is construction scaffolding up all over the place, and the route to get to the food court is through a cavernous hallway with no decoration. I think it was the maintenance hall behind the stores on the third level. What I hear is that they’re redoing the entire thing, trying to upscale it, maybe put a Lund’s in on the main level. Although I think Sam mentioned that they’re putting a Lund’s in just across the river so maybe not. It seems odd to me that the place has had so much shake up over the years. Change is good, I guess, and I’ll probably be fine with it all once it’s done. Minneapolis is scarcely the city I remember it being from ten years ago. There’s a new surprise across each skyway.

Three cheers!

Continuing back through the days, I see that another of our merry band was MN Blog of the day on October 29. Way to go, Jeff!

Fifteen minutes counting down

Our local alternative weekly, The City Pages (sister publication to the Village Voice), hosts a daily collection of blog links, including a Minnesota Blog of the Day. One of our very own was featured just a few days ago, on November 15. Congratulations, Maria!

They list all the MN Blogs of the Day going back quite a ways. My poetry got the nod once. Interestingly, the selected it on a day when there hadn’t been a new poem up in over a month, and a new one didn’t show up for another couple of days, before I even discovered that it had been listed. A friend of mine submitted a bunch of his friends’ blogs, many of them getting listed over the following weeks, and yet his never did get up there. It’s still kind of a nifty little thing, though, to see your blog linked to from the City Pages website. I wonder when the Metroblog itself will get linked?

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

So when the hell is it going to snow? This is Minneapolis. It is supposed to be cold and white in the winter. The last few years have really been disappointing. I remember the Winter of ’96. Back in the day. Schools were closed for weeks at a time. Snow drifts 5 feet deep. What do we have now? Fog and 50 degrees. What is this, San Francisco? I want my nose to slam shut when I walk outside. I want my hair to freeze before I make it to my car in the morning. I want to be able to slide 10 feet down a sidewalk. I want Winter, not this bs that we have been getting lately. Is this El Nino’s fault? Or maybe his sister, La Nina? It’s time for Jack Frost to come back and kick a little ass.

Holiday Cheer…

I just purchased a soon to be holiday classic yesterday. Now some of you out there will disagree (JasonT) but I firmly believe that “Elf” will some day reach the status some of the other Holiday comedies have achieved.

Let’s not beat around the bush, I love this movie. I saw it, I think, three times in the theater. It is funny, touching, and gets me totally in the mood for Christmas. It is weird, but I am like a little old lady when it comes to Christmas. I love everything about it. I love the music, the shopping, the family…I just get an overwhelming sense of love out of the holiday. It doesn’t matter how down I am, this season really seems to perk me up.

I hope to go down and see the Holidazzle parade followed by the Dayton’s eighth floor. I refuse to call it by it’s new name because it doesn’t sound well followed by “eighth floor”. This year it is Snow White and has been put together by a bunch of local artists. I am proud to say I know one of them. Her name is Kelly…something. Ok, so I am not her best friend, but I met her through a great friend of mine and she IS really cool. For those of you that don’t know, the eighth floor is a cool place to bring your kids of all ages. It tells a famous story every year by building small rooms that have moving puppets and scenery. Sometimes it is pretty corny and bad, but many years they get it right. So, go support local art by seeing a holiday tradition. I’m sure I will go more than once. It happens that way every year. See ya downtown…

so quiet

On the heels of Sam’s post of all the classical music events in the TC last weekend, if anyone heard something that they’d like to get a recording of, they’re more than likely going to have to look someplace other than City Center in downtown Minneapolis. The Sam Goody there rearranged the store and got rid of their classical and jazz room, moving it to just a couple of racks in the main store. They moved all the DVDs from the room in the back to where the Classical store was, and they now have that entrance open on to the skyway heading to and from Marshall Fields. Where the DVDs used to be looks like mostly junk now. Er, I mean, Christmas gift ideas! I’m sure there are lots of better places in town to do your Classical and Jazz music shopping than Sam Goody, but it does seem a little disconcerting to me. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Cheapo in Uptown has a large selection. Sam, where would you steer someone looking for that hard-to-find recording?

A Governor Passes

Former governor Elmer L. Andersen died today, aged 95. He was a true Minnesota classic, a wonderful politician, and a man who left his mark on the state on countless ways. He was also an old-school Republican who was not a fan of the new breed controlling the party today. On the other hand, he frequently wasn’t a fan of the other Republicans in his own day either, and that independent streak helped defeat him after only one term in office. The Strib’s obit can be found here.

Go west…to Minneapolis

Opening for Cher on this leg of the concert tour was, believe it or not, the Village People. The were a lot more fun to see than I thought they’d be, and it was nice to see that they were as concerned with the plight of First Avenue as the locals. The Cowboy, when he got his turn at the mic, said how they must’ve been gone for too long, because what do they find when they get back? First Avenue closed.

I’m very excited for it to re-open, and in the meantime, the national press is picking up the story of its fall and rise. Where else are you going to see the mayor of a major metropolitan area stage-dive at a Gwar concert? For some reason, I kinda wish it was Sharon doing it, instead of R.T. You know, just for the visual effect.

TC fans are apparently big….fans.

I saw Cher at the Target Center this weekend, on her fourth return trip to Minneapolis as part of the Farewell Tour, recently renamed The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour. Her 271st show, and it started off a little different this time. At the opening of each concert, she descends from the rafters on a chandelier as a silk curtain encircling the chandelier rises. This time, instead of rising smoothly, the silk blew back into the apparatus, keeping it from operating correctly and preventing it from lowering the rest of the way. After the techs finally got her down and onto the stage, she finished her opening number, and said, “Could that opening have gone any worse?” in a very self-deprecating manner. Then she buttered us up by saying that this is only the second time something like that has happened, the first time being in Cleveland, and that it happens when the fans are so riled up, that we actually blow the silk back into the mechanism.

So there you have it. TC fans are full of hot air! The rest of the concert went smoothly, and it was a great time. I hadn’t ever seen her before, and while some may be upset that her Farewell Tour keeps coming back here, I’m glad I got to see her before she retired.

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