Life in the Habitrail

I guided a co-worker through the Minneapolis Skyway system today. It always surprises me how confusing this maze of elevated glass walkways can be, even to people who have lived or worked downtown for years. I guess I consider myself something of an expert on the Skyway system, although I’m constantly finding new surprises above ground level, as well. And even I’m surprised by the number of Subways there are in the system. That’s not even counting the one on Hennepin that you can’t get to through the Skyway. I’m not sure if Minneapolis holds the record for buildings connected through a single skyway system, but we’ve got to be right in there. If you lived in one of the new condos downtown and worked downtown, you could conceivably not go outside for quite an extended period of time, and still have an active social life. There are clinics, groceries (if you’re not overly picky), tons of shopping and entertainment, all interconnected. No skyway to connect Saint Paul, but that would be an awful long walk, wouldn’t it?

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