Music in a Box

I was pleased to hear that one of my favorite bands of years past — HELMET — had recently reformed. Now, as a fan, I’m sure I think of them as “bigger” than they really are. But, this lineup is only a couple of original members with the rest coming from other bands that are gi-normous, so I only assume a few new fans will come by way of their other bands. So you can imagine my surprise when I learned they’re playing at Grumpy’s Bar – downtown on Washington.

I’m sure the shows will be great, but I would expect these guys to fill up somplace like the First Avenue, the Quest, or at very least the Triple Rock. Grumpy’s is cool, but is pretty tight for shows.

This all makes me wonder if some bands just have clueless tour agents that don’t know where to book them some places. Seeing a big-name band in a place like the 7th Street Entry has it’s charm, but if you’re sweat-on-sweat with someone whom you’d rather have 2 feet of space from, the fun of the show takes a nosedive.

Any great shows coming up that you’re pumped about? Minneapolis is a great music town. Hell, we have a fair amount of musicians on board here @ Mpls Metroblog. (Sam and myself, at least.) There’re plenty of sites devoted to music in the scene, but let people know if there’s a cream-of-the-crop show coming up. Because I need to get out more.

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