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If you’re still eating pork are you a swino?

What’s up pandemics?

Today is the first day there’s been a daily drop in the numbers for the new flu that’s going around.

I’ve refrained from making fun of the hype or anything related to swine flu, mainly because people have died, but I have to admit some of it has been funny. (scroll down)

What do you think of the name change?

We’ve been out and about as usual, but I’ve been vigilant about hand washing. Though being a parent means I’m always washing hands anyway, so I’m in practice.

Are you doing anything to avoid contact with the germs?


WCCO Bloginar #2 – Thursday at Sweeney’s

WCCO BloginarWhen: Thursday, 10/9, 5pm
Where: Sweeney’s Saloon
Who: Special guests Chuck Olsen (on behalf of and WCCO’s Esme Murphy
Who Else: Anyone within reach of the word “bloginar”

A “bloginar” is an evening of live, in-person, information and conversation between bloggers of all kinds.

Kinda short notice, I know. But what else were you gonna do on Thursday? All y’all east siders better be there. I’ll be honest, I might not have made it all the way over there from Eden Prairie just for this event, but since I coincidentally have another thing in Saint Paul later on Thursday anyway, I’ll be there for the first 90 minutes or so. Come say hi!

The last event’s format went something like: mingling, Q&A, prizes, CBS local ad network pitch. I imagine this one will be similar (but if there are no prizes, don’t blame me). Complete details here. Chuck will talk about how to get involved as a citizen journalist, Esme will talk about blogging and covering politics online, and there will be a short SEO workshop. Mingling from 5-6pm, programmed discussion from 6-7pm. Make sure you RSVP.

Also see @wccobloginar on Twitter for details. The info is there, even if you’re not a Twitter user. If you are a Twitter user and have questions for Chuck and/or Esme that you’d like to submit, use the hashtag #bloginar.

WCCO launches YouReport just released public “beta” of a YouReport UGC site for posting pictures and video.

Early feedback: Great concept. I had to install Silverlight first, which wasn’t very cool. Videos don’t have embeddable technology, which greatly hinders any content on this site from having any viral appeal.

What do you think?

1st Evar WCCO Bloginar

Executive summary: It was a good start.

There were snacks, mingling, a Q&A with Jason DeRusha and Eric Black, the WCCO Local Ad Network commercial, and then prizes.

Good Stuff:

  • I actually met people that live here and blog here that I had never met or even heard of before. New people! So nice job to WCCO for reaching waaaay out (and to the intern who was probably responsible for combing lists of blogs and finding contact info). When I say I loved this part I mean I LURVED this part.
  • We had time to mingle. Just hang around and talk to people.
  • They gave us the keys to the Twitter account and trusted us to use them for good, not for evil. Participants’ thoughts can be found at @WCCObloginar.
  • Decent turn out. There were probably about 30 people there, not including all the ‘CCO staffers. They sent out about 400 emails, got about 50 RSVPs, expected about 10 people to actually show up, had about 30 attendees, and there were folks there that hadn’t gotten an email but had seen it here or on MNspeak. Not bad.

Needs Improvement:

  • The Q&A topic focused on bloggers/citizen journalists/professional journalists doing social media/online vs print/etc. This was news to some, old hat for some, and just plain boring for some.
  • Related to the previous point, since they are apparently drawing a diverse audience, I’d like to see an effort to appeal to other niches of bloggers. I’d hate to lose the interest of people that showed up last night who aren’t hanging out in the citizen journalist (and loose relations) corner of the web.
  • Man alive, Jason is chatty. On the flip, he very eloquently articulates his experience with and opinion on these matters.

Punctuated by this event and last weekend’s Public Radio Camp, it’s abundantly clear that MPR and WCCO are head and shoulders above the other MSM joints in town on finding ways to interact with their online-savvy audience. I really appreciate WCCO’s willingness to give this a go. The format and topics and lots of things about it are going to continue to evolve.

Random thought I had: I might consume tv news if they video podcasted individual segments like sports, top news, investigative, etc. I could do four minutes a day.

I was very proud to have four Metbloggers in the house. Greg, Jason, David and I were all there and I finally got to actually meet David.

And a huge thank you to all who came up to me to say hi. I was especially pleased to have talked to Amy Rea of Knit Think and Flyover Land, Angelique of Saucy Dame Delux, Lisa of Corporate Babysitter, and Terry Yzaguirre of MPLS Mirror.

Other posts on the event: [Alie] [Jeremy] [mnspeak] [Eric Black] [mnblue] [Internet Marketing Blog] [mspmag]

If you’ve got a write up and I missed it, drop it in the comments, please!

WCCO Announces Bloginar Series, first features DeRusha and Eric Black

bloginar2.JPGbloginar: a night of live, in person, informational conversation between bloggers with refreshments and prizes.

(sweet, they said prizes!)

Thursday, July 17

Dunn Brothers – Freight House, Minneapolis, MN

RSVP by Tuesday, July 15 to

More info here.

TV – Cell Phone – Flickr – Twitter – Blog

Just a crazy example of how worlds collide through the internet.

Jason DeRusha (WCCO)
Originally uploaded by Opheliac9.

Like Jason, I found out about the Flickr photo via Twitter. It was like, “Hey, I know that guy in the picture! And I know who took the picture! And it’s all on the internet right now as it’s happening!”

69! It’s an omen!

WCCO’s Chris Shaffer:


He did say “sacks”… right?

(via Tim and Fleshbot)

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