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The Disgruntled Diner – Trattoria da Vinci

I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should write a bad restaurant review. Honestly, I’m struggling with trying to find the words for this post at all. When it comes to reviews I prefer to focus on the good things and write about the good experiences . Usually if I see a lackluster performance,attend a lame event, or have a negative restaurant experience I’ll just chalk it up to sometimes-things-suck and move on.

Unfortunately, sometimes the experience needs to be written about.

This is one such story, the story of Trattoria da Vinci , of a once favorite restaurant whence I may never return.


"I’ve had a rough night and I hate the f***ing Eagles, man"

By now you’ve all heard about the Twins season coming to a painful end, but did you know the Eagles were in town last night?

Jon Bream of the Strib gives his baseball analogy filled review Eagles’ lifeless delivery a downer and subtitles it “The Eagles played a concert that could serve as a requiem for the Twins’ season”

Well his writing didn’t give the Strib readership the Peaceful Easy Feeling they were searching.

One commenter asks “Which concert are you talking about?” and states “I think Mr Bream needs to stick to Brittney & Ms Lohan. The concert I was at was awsome to say the least.” and then the readership confusion sets in as another reader says “What the? Jon, I don’t understand this story one bit. If you felt down about the Twins why take this type of story about the Eagles and poison it with random ramblings. I feel sorry for anyone that reads this crap.”

Suprisingly, aside from some disagreements with the review it’s been pretty civil for the Strib comment section.

Another commenter notes “Okay, I’m headed over to the sports section to see what they thought of the Eagles concert.”

One reader even pens a requiem for music critics.

Note to Strib: Eliminate paid critic and benefit from reader opinions.

The Eagles might very well lack the passion they had 30+ years ago…but look in the mirror, Jon Bream. Your writing is no less contrived and pretentious. Most readers would rather hear what actual Eagle fans have to say about their experience at the show. That’s what’s great about this forum, it renders you (Mr. Bream) obsolete. You’re just one opinion among many (no more qualifies or important than any other person in attendance at that concert. So, why the Strib feels the need to pay you, while there are so many readers and actual fans that can offer the same if not greater value in commentary for free is beyond me.


I guess the lesson here is that if you don’t like the Eagles, you can get out of the cab and walk.

For the record, I liked the review.

Read the Strib comments

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