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RNC Volunteer Process even more messed up than I thought

Remember when I live-blogged filling out the RNC volunteer application, and it took me 40 minutes and was a sincerely backwards process?

Well, I’m getting all of these e-mails about when I’m supposed to volunteer, discount tickets to Twins games as a thank you and such, but I can’t remember which dates I told them I was available. That’s a bit of a problem now that the RNC is looming, and I’m not going to be in town like I thought I would be.

So I’m trying to access my profile on and can’t get in. I don’t remember my password, and they never e-mailed it to me when I registered.

And get this — to be sent the password, I need to give them my e-mail, zip code, date of birth, secret question and secret answer. Of the 6 available secret questions, I can’t remember which one. There isn’t a process for “Forgot secret question,” and no e-mail address

So listen up, RNC. I tried to give you notice, but your stupid fear-mongering password system is just as backwards as your application process. Maybe next time, k?

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