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The all-Twitter version.

  • The James J Hill Library is on Twitter: @jjhill_library. Blogging, too. Matt the Librarian is doing an awesome job. Interesting insight as to how a business research library works.
  • ThriftyLocalHipster’s website is still not operational, but they are putting all the happy hours and various events that they would post if they had a website on Twitter: @localhipster.
  • You tell me whether @MPRMemberDrive is as annoying to read as it is to listen to. It does have some quirky behind the scenes stuff. I guess I don’t ever think about what it’s like to sit/work inside a radio studio. And official tweeter Jacquie Fuller (On-Air Fundraising Manager at MPR) has a sense of humor.
  • The PiPress folks are using @MNvotes to attract election day votecasting stories. Tweet ’em your tales of polling place folly/woe/appalledness/crowds/whatever. You could probably tell ’em how pleasant and stress-free your early voting experience was, too. Use the hashtag #mnvotes. They’ve got some useful tidbits and factoids, too. And a terrible retweet from @MayorRTRybak (because the original was a terrible tweet).
  • Jason DeRusha turned me on to Second Act, a store in Eden Prairie that sells discounted fancy TVs. I was perusing their website looking at electronicals that I really have no good reason to buy and I noticed that they are twittering at @secondact. That fact alone made it so much more likely that I would personally shop there. They’ve got some small business behind-the-scenes stuff and the occasional deal. And, apparently, their own fantasy football and baseball leagues. Guess what the prizes are….
  • The Link is the latest local non-profit to jump into the social media fray with @thelinkmn. They’re still pretty new (to Twitter), but so far they have some tidbits about non-profits in general, issues specific to their mission (“Our mission is to build a supportive community network that links youth and their families to their inner strength through life skills, education, advocacy, supportive housing, and a dynamic network of social services to transform lives.”), and some things about what people in their organization are actually doing as part of their jobs. If they keep that up, I’d say it’s a great example of helping people to get to know their organization. (via @lisa_ray)
  • Speaking of non-profits, the Nonprofits Assistance Fund (@NAFund) has certainly been a leader in using Twitter and teaching other NPs how to do the same.


twin_cities – LiveJournal is a wealth of information. Where to find a divorce support group. Where to get a whole hog. Where to unload your chinchillas. Where the cheap monthly parking is in downtown St. Paul. And that’s just today!

Minnesota MonitorPodcast from the Neighborhood Sustainability Conference held at Augsburg College. MnMon’s all multimedia and shit. Follow them on Twitter, too.

MN DailyU receives $1.7 million in grants to tackle obesity. I’m sure all the giant food companies based in town will be watching closely.

vita.mnPubes! Man, people get riled up over maintenance of The Hair Down There. See also, mnspeak and Sornie. Watch the euphemisms and metaphors come out of the woodwork.

NewsCut – Bob Collins reaction to the Keillor mansion non-story is the same as mine, and better expressed.

MinnPost – David Brauer on the cesspool that is’s comments in light of a recent public defender’s argument that “her client’s trial — for making terroristic threats against 10-year-old boy — should be moved from Ramsey County because of public comments on, the Pioneer Press website.” Pretty good analysis of the comment mechanism at the PiPress’s site. (As of right now, zero comments on this MinnPost story.)

Minneapolis Issues Forum – On the problem of architectural theft. Happens all the time with shady contractors and is really hard to document for insurance purposes.

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