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A shameful confession and a new hope.

I really hate to admit this, but there’s something about getting it all out there in public that makes things better so here goes; my baby likes Garrison Keillor.

I don’t know how it happened. I mean, her taste in music is fabulous. When it comes to dance party (#danceparty) she loves to rock out to to the likes of Franti and Heiruspecs and enjoys genres from rock to raggae.

Yet, time and time again when she’s heard Mr.Keillor (through no fault of my own) she settles down and seems pleased as punch. Heck, half the time she’s found him so relaxing she’s fallen asleep.

Yes, Dear Internets, my baby seems to like Mr.Wobegon and I can’t deny it.

Yet, if only she could read she may change her mind. In his latest diatribe, Garrison Keillor: Don’t yearn for the bright lights, Garrison has the guts and fortitude to take on television. What a bold strike at the heart of criminals and slack jaws!

My favorite sentence comes soon,fast, and hard as the kettle meets the pot in what I can only call dramatic irony.

When you look at the audience numbers for TV and then add up the incarcerated felons, Alzheimer’s patients and confirmed barflies in America, it dawns on you who is watching TV these days — people unable to lead normal productive lives — and yet they give out awards for this stuff and the hosts of shows are driven to and fro in Lincoln Town Cars and they suffer from toxic self-esteem.

Wow.   A 70 word sentence? Toxic self-esteem indeed.

Sadly, comments have been turned off. *edit comments are again working

I guess,according to Garrison, there is still hope if your into “tango, or playing drop-thumb banjo, or digging up ancient cities, or writing sonnets, you are beautiful”. You can bet he goes on to quote some of his sonnets.  

Well you, Mr. Garrison Keillor, are a beautiful man. Or at the very least, you seem to think so and you do have a knack for putting my baby to sleep.

Thanks for the heads up on that t.v. stuff. Now I can be proactive and prevent the likes of Fred Rogers, Sesame Street, and Builder Bob from turning her into the “bedridden, the delusional and the criminal”.

She already seems to like you I find that troubling enough.



Just Another Music Friday – 01/02/2009

Soul Asylum in Minneapolis

Soul Asylum in Minneapolis

Happy New Year!

It’s day two of the year and things are changing at an epic rate: in a mere week we’ll have a new POTUS, just a few days ago many felt like the year 2008 would never end, and just a few seconds ago I was staring at a blank page.

*Who knows what awesomeness the weekend will bring?

I have all sorts of new local music and I’m ready to rock.

First, I am going to finish this pot of coffee and listen to a little more Dizzy Gillespie.

What’s in your shuffle?

*MIB rules.

Minnesotans Making an Impression – Garrick Van Buren

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to talk with Garrick Van Buren – Founder of the Cullect reader and pick his brain on social media, blogging, and Cullect.

Anyone that has spoken with Garrick will tell you: Garrick is passionate about what he does, a deep thinker, and an all around great guy. If I covered everything we talked about in just over an hour this would be a 12,000 word rollercoaster of a post. Instead, I’m going to focus on his reader software Cullect.

What is Cullect? Cullect is a web based reader that pulls together all of your favorite sites in one place and ranks them on 14 attributes which he calls “gestures” to determine importance. Or as as Garrick calls it “Separating relevance from timeliness”. His theory is that people with many feeds are often overwhelmed and mark the unread feeds as “read” while with Cullect,although you can sort by most recent, the optimal ranking is by importance. Also you can add Curators to your feed and they can tag and recommend posts and add other people’s reading lists to your reading lists, it’s sort of building an online library.

Who is Cullect best suited for? Web publishers and people that read a lot of web sites in any given day, but it’s also a great tool for those that want to share feeds.

The Details/How it works: The free membership comes with two reading lists which can each contain as many feeds as you’d like to add.  There’s a series of paid options that allow you to do things like name your lists,have private reading lists, and increase the number of reading lists. As a bonus you can dedicate up to 50% of your subscription fee to whichever website you think is worthy. Talk about social media!

What is your favorite band/music site right now?, a 24/7 drum and bass radio station.

In summary: if you’re a online publisher it’s time to ditch that Google Reader and switch to the most important reader, Cullect. If you’re looking for some good Bass/Drum music Jungle Train is for you, if you want to talk the future of social media, good beer, great coffee, and software; Garrick Van Buren is a conversationalist extraordinaire.

Many thanks to Garrick for the interview and keep up the great work; you’re a credit to our fine state.

Here’s my Cullect feed
Cullect Wiki
Cullect big rules’s Branded URL Shortener Powered by Cullect

Delta and Metropolitan Airports Commission Make Nice

Finance and Commerce reports, Delta in deal to settle Twin Cities airport issues.

Agreements dating to 1992 gave the Metropolitan Airports Commission the power to demand immediate repayment of some $245 million in bonds it issued on Northwest’s behalf, if the airline broke its promise to keep a headquarters in the state. The commission could also have revoked a rent reduction worth $1.9 million per year along with as much as $10 million per year in revenue-sharing from the sale of items like food and parking.

In exchange for getting out of Northwest’s agreements, Delta would pay an extra $500,000 per year in rent through 2014, and a total of $1 million per year extra in rent until its lease expires in 2020. It gets to keep all of the concession money, which runs $8 million to $10 million per year, Hogan said
The agreement calls for Delta to keep its “Delta North” headquarters in Minnesota, as well as at least 10,000 jobs, a drop of about 1,500 from current levels. It also requires Delta to maintain 400 flights a day at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, which is slightly below the level it currently flies Delta also agreed to pay off the airport-backed bonds by 2016 instead of 2022. The promise of 10,000 jobs lasts until the bonds are paid off

My first take on this was “MAC is rolling over and showing it’s belly to yet another airline”, but after another read it actually seems like a pretty decent deal for both parties.

What do you think?

Just Another Music Friday – 12.12.08

The weekend is approaching and it looks like the Big Three bailout isn’t going to happen. So I say bailout the real Big Three: Sex,Drugs, and Rock and Roll. Or, atleast which-ever two of the three work best for you.

In the drugs and rock-and-roll categories I think a cold beer always goes well with a show.

“Made by the Shmaltz Brewing Company and spotted at Four Firkins in St. Louis Park, MN”

Uploaded on December 6, 2008 by manyhighways
If you’re going to be in Mpls you should check out the Heiruspecs CD release at First Avenue Saturday, 6pm.

I’m actually getting a little excited to do some holiday shopping this weekend as I’ll be going to my favorite book store Half Priced Books where I tend to also find some great deals on music.

What are your favorite places to buy local music? For me it’s the Electric Fetus.

I intend on getting the new Heiruspecs album this weekend.

What’s in your shuffle?



Just Another Music Friday – 12.05.2008

It’s been snowing and cold in Mn so I think we could all use a little Hot Hot Heat.

Image Uploaded on November 25, 2008
by Tim Carlson MPLS


I have a fire in the fireplace, music on the iPod stereo, and people are on their way to eat, drink, and be merry.

There are a handful of new CD’s I’m itching to give a listen. I’ll let you know how they sound.

What’s in your shuffle?


Game On?

Honestly, with the way the Vikes are playing, I’m not sure who I’ll pick to win.

And will it be football on ice? Hockey on a field? Or maybe just hockey or football with the non-regular sports team getting a serious handicap, like Brad Childress for a coach.

Who do you think would win?


A tough weekend for Sports in Mn

Unless you like Hockey, ofcourse.

The Gophers Hockey team came back despite a tie and The Wild finished with a tie, but managed to win in a shootout.

How about those Wolvies? Does McCants miss layups to make me cry? How about those Vikings? Does our offensive line hate our QB? 5 sacks, really?

And as for the Gophers football team . . .

Hey, there is some good news. The Gopher Women’s Soccer is in the NCAA Sweet 16 for the first time ever!

Anyone feel like talking sports? Give it your best rant.

Return of Frank Sinatra

The Cooper hawk that spends the winter in our yard has returned from wherever it goes for the summer.

We call it Frank Sinatra.


I snapped some pics and took a little video with Cameraphone10000.

Frank was cooly indifferent.

And just continued to sit on the tree above our patio table, chirp, and watch us from about 15 feet away. This lasted a for a good hour.

I swear that bird remember us. Here’s a little video I shot of Frank the Hawk last winter “Bienvenidos Minnesota Bienvenidos Frank Sinatra”

Welcome home Frank.

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Stone Arch Bridge

Stone Arch Bridge

I call it real purrty.

I’ve always loved the beauty of the Stone Arch Bridge and whenever I’m in the area,day or night, I make it a point to walk across the bridge and enjoy the views. 

Uploaded on October 1, 2008
by epmd

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