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Andrew Zimmern Ate My Jucy Lucy?

Last week, picked up both mine and Emily’s most recent blog posts about our latest Jucy Lucy dining (both of which were at The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul).

I’ve been on the hunt for the best one in the Twin Cities since late last summer, and Emily lost her Jucy Lucy virginity back in December and got hooked. JLR announced that we were on dueling tours, only fueling the fire for more Jucy exploration.

Well, now Emily notes over at SOC that Andrew Zimmern is planning to film an episode of his Travel Channel show, Man v. Food, here (!) in Minneapolis and that Jucy Lucys may or may not be involved. I checked the source (Zimmern himself at, and here’s what I found:

Man v. Food, the Adam Richman vehicle on Travel Channel, is shooting in Minneapolis from February 5 to 8. Word from the office is that they will be checking out everything from Juicy Lucy joints to the brewski at local beer bars. I am going to take Adam to Brasa and see if he can eat everything on the steam table in one sitting. Speaking of Travel Channel, we are continuing to make loads of episodes of Bizarre Foods, and my new series, Bizarre Worlds, starts shooting in April with a plan to begin airing in September.

Last week, he was eating balls, and this week he wants in on the Jucy Lucy tour action?  It’s like a delicious orgy of some truly wonderful things.

I Love [Jucy] Lucy

As someone on my own personal quest for Minnesota’s best Jucy Lucy, I can appreciate relatively new Minnesota resident (and fellow local blogger), Emily‘s take on her Jucy Lucy de-virginization. She picked Matt’s Bar (tied so far with The Nook for my personal fave – although for different reasons), and this write-up, along with her close-up photos, makes me crave one of these beefy/cheesy treats for breakfast.

Not one to half-ass anything involving beer and/or fun, the Jucy Lucy experience was only one part in a day filled with Minnesota Pride activities.  Emily recaps her Summit Brewery tour here, and first MN Rollergirls match here (two things, which as a 12-year resident of Minnesota I’m embarrassed to admit, I have yet to do).

Found Photo: First Jucy Lucy

Jucy Lucy cheeseburger gooeyness
Originally uploaded by Rachel Kramer Bussel.

A visitor to our fair city tries her first Jucy Lucy. It is, and I quote, “SO GOOD.”

I got to have brunch with Rachel and some other folks on Sunday. She made the most of her weekend, taking in a Fringe show, visiting the Walker, eating at Matt’s, going to a cupcake meetup, and doing readings from her books at Amazon Bookstore and the Smitten Kitten (her reason for being here in the first place). I believe she’s going to the Mall of America today. A quick look at a lake or a river and she’ll have done most of the quintessential things for Minneapolis visitors. We strongly warned her that it would not be safe to visit again next year until May or so.

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