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Gas Prices in the Twin Cities

filling station and garage
Filling station and garage at Pie Town, New Mexico (Library of Congress)

You probably didn’t need to be told, but gas prices are lowering throughout the country:

The average U.S. retail price for gasoline is closing in on $2 a gallon after falling another 15 cents over the last week to the lowest level since March 2005, the U.S. Energy Department said on Monday.

The national price for regular unleaded gasoline fell for the ninth week in a row, sinking to $2.07 a gallon, down $1.03 from a year ago, the department’s Energy Information Administration said in its weekly survey of service stations.

Minnesota happens to be one of seventeen states whose gas prices average under $2/gallon. The Midwest also had the lowest regional price at $1.94/gallon, and much of the Twin Cities seems to have gas going for less.

What are the cheapest prices you’ve seen lately? I’ve spotted $1.79/gallon a few blocks away at Jim’s Chicago Service on 54th & Chicago Ave S.


Eat them together: Today’s Midday broadcast on MPR was recorded during the Journalism That Matters conference. “Journalists, citizen journalists and members of the public recently got together at Minnesota Public Radio’s UBS Forum to discuss the evolving role of the public in reporting the news.” MPR/Public Insight Journalism’s Michael Caputo, who moderated the forum, comments on the competitive aspect of news.

Rhubarbarism has the best assessment of yesterday’s meta-story of the dispute between MinnPost‘s David Brauer and the Star Tribune‘s Jill Burcum and the rest of the media’s “coverage” of it. He has all the relevant links and appropriate context so just go there and read. I’ve got nothing to add.

The Saint Paul Saints will take the field wearing Zubaz at next Wednesday’s (7/16) game. So will their piggy mascot Boarak Obama and a monkey who will be performing various tasks around the park such as taking tickets.

Lazy Lightning wants to know why it took south metro cities so freaking long to decide they needed to cut fuel costs.

MPR’s Bleacher Bums blog has been branching out from baseball. (I did not intend for that sentence to be so alliterative.) They’ve profiled a number of Lynx players. Today’s installment is Seimone Augustus: Our Unknown Superstar.

Minnesota is gassy

nyt_gas.JPGI do not pretend to understand the gasoline economy when it comes to Minnesota and the world. I’m just listening and trying to sort it all out.

I’ve heard that by inflation’s standard, gasoline is relatively cheap. I’ve heard that oil companies make exorbitant profits. I’ve heard oil companies make big profits because they make big investments in research and risk and are just plain big companies. I’ve heard oil markets are controlled by Middle East interests and secret societies. I’ve heard arguments about war for oil. I’ve heard oil companies pay billions to our government in taxes every year and arguments for drilling off-coast and in ANWR a way to increase oil supply.

Lots of conflicting viewpoints and philosophies, really.

Now I’m hearing about states suspending gas taxes for the summer to help the economy, and I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

According to the NYT:

…state gas taxes, which run as high as 45.5 cents a gallon, often add far more to the price of gas than the 18.4-cent federal excise tax and are the primary cause of price disparities across state lines. So lawmakers and candidates at the state level have been getting into the act…The New York plan, sponsored by Republicans in the State Senate, would suspend three state gas taxes, amounting to about 32 cents per gallon, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The Florida plan would create a tax holiday around July 4, cutting 10 cents per gallon off the 33.2 cents in total state gas taxes.

Meanwhile Minnesota just recently raised our gas tax by 5.5 cents per gallon (phased in through October) amidst a swarm of debate, emotion and fear-mongering (mostly about paying for bridges without thought of trimming pork projects). The NYT piece shows a gas holiday for the summer would save the average Minnesota driver less than $50 for the entire summer. That won’t even get two adults into Valley Fair.

It seems like we as a society continue to think in the short term and talk out of both sides of our mouths when it comes to fiscal responsibility and taxes. Here’s a piece from the Hartford Courant that address this way of thinking:

Any 9-year-old understands that paying less for something is a nice thing, but most adults know it is not always the smart thing to do. Suspending the gas tax would cause consumption to go up, which in turn would cause oil prices to go up.

The Strib’s Nick Coleman is happy to pay his taxes — even says “It is an American thing,” about our responsibility to pay gas taxes.

So in a meandering way, I think I agree with everyone. I agree gas prices are too high for my personal budget. I agree it’s our responsibility to pay taxes. I agree we need to be thinking long term about prices and not be reactionary — heck, I don’t even remember to keep 5 cent/gallon coupons.

I suppose the disconnect for me (as only a five year MN resident, mind you) is why the gas taxes in Minnesota were raised when all these other states are looking for gas tax relief and if ~$50/summer is really enough reason to bother for any state.

Of course, the gas tax increase is a done deal now, but I wish every time the local news does a story on the gas taxes (one local station seems to do a segment on each 10 o’clock newscast), they would subtract the new taxes just to make it fair to our fellow gassy states.

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