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WCCO Bloginar #2 – Thursday at Sweeney’s

WCCO BloginarWhen: Thursday, 10/9, 5pm
Where: Sweeney’s Saloon
Who: Special guests Chuck Olsen (on behalf of and WCCO’s Esme Murphy
Who Else: Anyone within reach of the word “bloginar”

A “bloginar” is an evening of live, in-person, information and conversation between bloggers of all kinds.

Kinda short notice, I know. But what else were you gonna do on Thursday? All y’all east siders better be there. I’ll be honest, I might not have made it all the way over there from Eden Prairie just for this event, but since I coincidentally have another thing in Saint Paul later on Thursday anyway, I’ll be there for the first 90 minutes or so. Come say hi!

The last event’s format went something like: mingling, Q&A, prizes, CBS local ad network pitch. I imagine this one will be similar (but if there are no prizes, don’t blame me). Complete details here. Chuck will talk about how to get involved as a citizen journalist, Esme will talk about blogging and covering politics online, and there will be a short SEO workshop. Mingling from 5-6pm, programmed discussion from 6-7pm. Make sure you RSVP.

Also see @wccobloginar on Twitter for details. The info is there, even if you’re not a Twitter user. If you are a Twitter user and have questions for Chuck and/or Esme that you’d like to submit, use the hashtag #bloginar.

RNC Roundup: Labor Day

Today’s protest activity almost makes the weekend’s raids look tame.

Before the info, my opinions.

Somewhere approaching 10,000 people showed up in Saint Paul today to say with their signs, their voices, and their presence that they disagreed with something our government is doing. They got their message out with causing any harm to anyone or anything.

A few hundred dillweeds showed up, threw bricks through windows and dumped garbage bins into the street, and generally caused a ruckus for the sake of causing a ruckus, essentially fucking it up for everyone. I’m not against protesting or demonstrating. I am against being a jackass.

And, you know, if you really mean it, show your face instead of hiding behind a bandana. If you have a message that you stand by, attaching your real identity to it gives it more meaning.

At the same time, the presence of various local and federal law enforcement agencies in full riot gear somewhat escalates the situation. If you’re gonna go full out like that, you’re going to spur people on. If you’re ensconced inside your protective bubble, it encourages people to try to break it.

On to the roundup.

Chuck Olsen doing his thing.

Originally uploaded by diversey.

(Okay, I know that’s not actually news, or at least it’s the most meta take on the story, but look at him! Work it, Chuck.)

My #2 favorite: Corinne McDermid is one of The Uptake’s CJs who has been broadcasting from downtown Saint Paul all day. This is video she took while detained by police in a massive roundup of protestors.


@MnIndyLIVE brings you the Quote of the Day:

Overheard from excited Mpls policeman, “So I shot him with impact round a he just fucking dropped!”

Brian Moen has a great photoset of the peaceful protest action.

Terrific photos of the RNC Mania also from wRen, including the following.

Originally uploaded by waiting line.

Originally uploaded by waiting line.

Photos and commentary from Messiah Complex from his vantage point at the Ordway.

And finally many RNC-related dispatches from MnIndy throughout the day and a pretty good roundup of the action and the major conflicts at the Pioneer Press (where is your friend).

As the PiPress tweets, “Protest tally: 256 total; 119 felonies; 48 gross misdemeanors; 89 misdemeanors. Per Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department.”

Oh yeah, and the RNC did actually start and Hurricane Gustav did actually hit the ground. Most of the country was watching hurricane coverage or the US Open.

Minnesota connection to John Edwards <3 Rielle Hunter

Our beloved local filmaker and citizen journalist Chuck Olsen — from The Uptake, Blogumentary, Minnesota Stories — just sold some exclusive video to the Associated Press of Rielle from his time with the Edwards campaign. Says Chuck:

I was with the Edwards campaign, similarly filming behind-the-scenes video, when he launched his campaign in New Orleans in December 2006. After NOLA we went to Iowa where Edwards drew a huge crowd. There was a celebratory mood in the air as we got back on the Edwards jet to fly to New Hampshire.

On that flight, there was a lot of booze and elation, excitement and hope. Edwards was in the back of the plane with Reille, and a couple of other campaign staffers. I remember Edwards turning on his iPod and grooving his head around. I went back to use the bathroom and when I came out, decided to chat with Reille. She was very outgoing, maybe even flirtatious, but really nice. I asked how she got the gig filming webisodes, and she said she met him in a bar and they clicked, and she proposed some online documentary showing his authenticity. She told me about some Hollywood sitcom writing and other weird projects she’d been involved with – nothing I’d ever heard of.

As an aside, check the comments on that post, where Robert Scoble leaves comments telling the AP he has a photo, too (when just 5 hours before he told Valleywag any footage he may have was jumbled in with Podtech’s assets). Chuck pwned Scoble!

Anyway, Chuck only had a few seconds of Rielle (what a stupid way to spell Reilly, btw), but the AP reported paid more than $100/second, which is not too shabby. It’s pretty cool to see Chuck’s byline in the photo caption on an AP story.

Am I surprised to find local citizen-journalism prophet Chuck Olsen in the midst of a National Enquirer-spurned Presidential candidate affair scandal holding some of the only known footage of the mistress filming Edwards? Well, I guess not. Chuck continues to insert himself into venues where traditional mainstream media have typically played alone, and for that, Minnesota is proud.

Chuck’s Flickr screenshot.

YouTube highlights The Uptake on inaugural Citizen News feature

Back in February, CNN launched iReport, a Web site built entirely on user-produced news similar to FoxNews’ uReport. Unlike CNN’s own properties—where only iReport submissions that have been handpicked by editors and checked for accuracy ever make it online or on air—the new site was wide open, allowing users to post whatever content they choose. Ah, citizen journalism at its best…or was it?

Now YouTube is getting in on the action with YouTube Citizen News. They’ve hired a News Manager and will be highlighting some of the best news content on YouTube every day sourced from public tips and breaking news around the world.

The inaugural intro video features a mention of The Uptake and this sweet shot of Chuck Olsen driving in his car. Watch the intro video here.

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