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Basketball, lesbians, idiots, and goat ropers. And a ticket giveaway!

Canis Hoopus Timberwolves writer Stop-n-Pop has a response to that KTLK guy’s lesbian/WNBA bashing comments** that is actually funny and smart.

The sad thing about this entire story is that some local news outlet will ask the Lynx to comment on this idiot’s take on something he doesn’t appear to know anything about. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised; it looks like he makes his entire living by making stupid comments about things he doesn’t appear to know anything about.

Here’s my suggestion as to how to handle this situation: everyone should take the time to visit Chris Baker’s KTLK web page. Download one of his podcasts, pop it in your car, and drive on down to the Target Center to catch a Lynx game. It will take all of about 2 minutes in the 1st quarter for you to realize which entertainment option is actually worth your while.

… It’s a tough choice, I know. World class athletes playing a game of precision skill and agility or social commentary that you can find at the end of a bar in your local pub or on the rear bumper of a rusty old 57 GMC pick up truck with a gun rack.

There’s more to it. And visual aids. But you get the gist. (via locally-born awesome-tastic WNBA resource Women’s Hoops Blog)

If you’re still not sure and need help making your decision, I’ve got a pair of tickets for Friday night’s Lynx game vs San Antonio. These are my regular season tickets in Section 111, Row K; we’ve got a seat upgrade for the night and will be down in front (a season ticket holder perk). First person to email me at elmauter AT gmail DOT com gets ’em. UPDATE: Tickets are spoken for. Thanks for playing.

We just beat them in San Antonio on Sunday. They’re the top team in the Western Conference and have only lost twice on their home floor, so for us to beat them by 14 was huge.

Other good reasons to go to a Lynx game:

**That KSTP article is a week old and still has an error in it.


This is Why I Love Minneapolis: “New initiatives (for people smarter than me to spearhead)” Many related to getting around, which Leif does a lot of.

Minnesota Lynx: Photos on Facebook from the Lynk Up and Get Down 2009 season ticket renewal campaign shoot. All the players and Prowl decked out in ’70s high fashion.

Perfect Porridge: “Social Information Hoarder: MIMA’s Data Overload Panel and Helpful Links” This is Greg and others presenting to the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association.

Star Tribune: Data porn! (via s4xton)

About: “I-35 W Bridge: Before and After Exhibition Opens July 18”

Twin City Sidewalks: Sidewalk Closed Signs. Also see Bill’s new project, Twin Cities Streets for People, “where a team of Minnesota urbanists are going to try to keep tabs on what’s going on in the local urbanism scene.”

Eleventh Avenue South: Andy responds to criticism of his (perceived lack of) coverage of congressional candidates’ stand on GLBT issues (i.e., “Why don’t you light into Keith Ellison like you do Michele Bachmann?”).

Minnov8: Recapping PublicRadioCamp.

Minneapolis Issues Forum: “Minneapolis: getting power from our poop” … … … Heh.

See a baseball game played according to the rules from 1860 as part of the Minnesota’s sesquicentennial celebration. Saturday, 7/19, 11am, B.F. Nelson Park. (via NRP)

KFAI: Converting to digital and increasing power! (via Rhubarbarism)

Lynx Draft Day Grade: A!

Nicky Anosike and Candice WigginsI’m listening to the press conference the Lynx held with Candace Wiggins (Stanford) and Nicky Anosike (Tennessee) on Thursday, the day after the WNBA draft. They were our 1st and 2nd round picks respectively, and we picked up Charde Houston (UConn) in the 3rd round.

Let me just say this: Reporters ask some dumb questions sometimes. C’mon Twin Cities sports press corps! Come up with something unique. Or do your homework before you come to the press conference.

The LFO offered season ticket holders a chance to attend the press conference. I couldn’t go, but I would have loved to. That’s a really cool thing for them to do. I have mixed feelings about the overall fan experience at the Target Center, but they’re pretty good about the STH benefits.

Speaking of the press, my favorite Lynx coverage comes from Stephen Litel from Downtown Journal. Turns out he’s now doing WNBA coverage for SLAM Online, too. I’m-a have to make my way down to the press table and introduce myself.

After the Lynx pulled off the draft-day trade for Lindsey Harding last year, I was pretty stoked going into the season. But I didn’t know anything else about our other draft picks so I didn’t really have any expectations around them. And while last year’s 10-24 record doesn’t look great on paper, there were some exciting things on the floor and the record doesn’t at all reflect the improvement over the previous year’s 10-24 record.

But this year. I’m not expecting a championship or anything. Hell, I may even be expecting a lot with a playoff berth. (I’m big on managing your expectations.) I’ll settle for .500 this season. But the addition of Candice and Nicky and Charde and (hallelujah!) a post coach for an assistant (that’s former WNBA player Jen Gillom) is really just so exciting. I watched the Final Four, so at least I’ve seen all three of our picks play once or twice.

I hear the Draft Day party at NBA City was packed. That’s great to see. I know this team and this league doesn’t have the widespread appeal that others do. I suppose it’s like any passion; you want everyone to be as excited about it as you are.

The home opener is a little over a month away, against Detroit. Eeeeee!

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota Lynx.

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