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30 Day of Biking

With the tag line “We ride our bikes. every. friggin. day.” a new group of cyclists is born, 30 days of biking


The only rule for 30 Days of Biking is that you bike every day for 30 days, then tweet about your adventures with the tag #30daysofbiking. Event starts on April 1 and ends on April 30! Several participants will be in the Ironman long-distance bike ride on April 25. There will be a party at month’s end (form yet to be determined) to celebrate this.

“Does around the block count?”

On Twitter, @ChaseThisBear asks, “Does around the block count [for #30daysofbiking]?” Our answer: Absolutely. You can bike as much or as little as you want; the key is to get out on your bike and go somewhere every day in April, whether to work or the store. 20 miles or one. And then document it on Twitter with #30daysofbiking.

Trust, though, that you won’t be able to stop at a block.

It’s spring people, how about putting some peddle in your your step and joining the clan?

I’d like to dedicate this song to my bikes.

Talking Minnesotan – 03/19/10


Minnesotans have been crazy talking up the recent goings on, much to the dismay of… well … other Minnesotans. We’re a fickle lot, we like to talk a lot, sometimes. Other times we don’t want any talking. Most of the time we don’t want to hear or read about things we aren’t talking about. Of course, maybe I get too much of my information from Twitter.

If FLOODWATCH2010 is your thing Sornie is pulling together an impressive group of flood pics over and yon at Minnpics

MPR brings us a boatload of events this weekend

This weekend is burgeoning with more events than I know what to do with: book signings, dance concerts, theater, birthday celebrations, music, comedy… If you can’t find something in here to tickle your fancy, well all I can say is, you’re missing out.

Your weekend outlook: the (w)rite of spring

2and21 says forget lakes. we got bikes.

While Simplegoodandtasty points out our great Mn craft beers Locavore Beer Lovers Have Much to Like About Minnesota Brew

Bob has some helpful information @justplainbob “@BCollinsMN Perhaps 90% of people don’t know — as I didn’t until recently — that you can recycle CFL at Menards for free. Spread the word!”

Remember that Duluth Google video I posted a while back?
Now Public Knowledge asks “Will Minnesota Senate Kill Duluth’s Chances of Getting Google Gigabit Project?”

Minnpost is talking healthcare Behind-the-scenes on health care maneuvering: how Tim Walz is deciding, how lobbying pressures mount

While is taking on the ever popular immigration debate Minnesota Compass: The Economic Impact of Immigrants in Minnesota

•Immigrant-owned businesses generated $331 million dollars in net income to the Minnesota in 2000.
•Hispanic-owned firms in the state have grown 350% since 1990.
•Foreign-born workers account for the majority of growth in the labor force in Minnesota.
•Nationally immigrants represent 25% of physicians and 40% of engineers holding doctoral degrees.
•The U.S. Labor Department reports that the nation has an immediate shortage of 126,000 nurses, yet the average wait for a nurse to get a “green card” is six years.
•Rural Minnesota alone faces a predicted shortage of 8,000 RNs in the next decade.

In sad news longtime Mpls.St.Paul Magazine editor Brian Anderson passed away this week. In my household Brian was viewed as a thoughtful writer and it was his stories my wife would discuss the most.

MSPMAG has the details on his services

On Saturday, March 20, he will be remembered by family, friends, colleagues, and readers at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. Visitation begins at 9 a.m., followed by a funeral service at 10:30 a.m. Burial will follow at Lakewood Cemetery. All of those Brian touched, either through his deeds or his written words, are welcome to attend

Let’s wrap this up with Mn’s own Romantica – These Things Are Too Beautiful (Live on The Local Show)


Minnesota – “Land of Plenty”

Traveltalks – 1942 Minnesota: Land Of Plenty


Via Julio Ojeda-Zapata

Jesse The Body laughs at Tea Baggers.

“Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura sounds off on Republicans, Democrats and the Tea Party”


A great reporter remembered.

I didn’t know Darcy Pohland. I only know how she touched the hearts while tapping the minds of countless Minnesotans.

Jason DeRusha writes a touching remembrance DeBlog: Remembering Darcy

She had the biggest smile and the loudest laugh of anyone I’ve ever met. Darcy Pohland died in her sleep Thursday night into Friday morning, and I can’t imagine our newsroom, and my life without her. I, like all of my coworkers, have spent the past hour or so in tears. It’s painful when you lose a friend or a relative, but it’s just devastating to lose someone like Darcy.

Most of us forgot how remarkable Darcy was, because she was just our friend, our coworker. (Ugh, I have to keep changing “is” to “was” while I write this.) But Darcy was the only television news reporter in the country working every single day in a wheelchair. Darcy rolled through the cold, the snow, the rain, the wind. She covered the construction projects, the murders, the fires, and the inspirational. She filled in for me yesterday, her last story was a Good Question on why jingles are so catchy. She did it all, and she did it in a wheelchair.

Read the entire post. Read it again. I didn’t know Darcy, but I know if more of use lived with Darcy’s passion and zest for life the world would be a better place. Darcy will be missed.

Talking Minnesotan – 03-05-2010

Everyone in Minnesota is talking about the giant snow storm on it’s way. It’s going to be HUGE!! Think 1991 times ten, hundreds of inches will fall over the course of a few days, power will be lost, snow shoed rioters will rule, the National Guard will have to intercede, cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

Now if you check with your local radar or weather person they won’t mention it, but this storm is on the way. How do we know? Minneapolis has lifted it’s parking restrictions

So you had better live it up before this white blanket of destruction descends upon our fine state.

How about checking out tonight’s Steve Marsh joint with Ross Brockley? Steve Marsh presents Ross Brockley and Bight Club

Steve Marsh presents comedian filmaker goat and llama farmer Ross Brockley at Nick and Eddie this Friday night. Ross has opened for Louis CK and emerged from the same NY alt comedy scene as Janeane Garafalo, David Cross and Louis CK-he will be on the kqrs morning show friday morn.
Opening for Ross is Bight Club a g-funk and R&B hip hop duo who will be appearing at sxsw this year.
N and E’s first scheduled and intentional comedy night
I trust Steve Marsh and so should you

I’m not sure why Steve wrote “I trust Steve Marsh and so should you”, but it’s a little weird.

Speaking of events.

Queen of Subtle has all of your local trivia needs covered I had no idea there were so many trivia venues.

David Brauer takes on the topic of radio station payments for music As stations bombard us with ads against the ‘radio tax,’ here’s the other side of the story

and naturally people have a thing or two to say (check the comments)

Which then spurs this follow up post A rebuttal to the ‘radio tax’ rebuttal

Look at the bright side.
It’s time for the City of Saint Paul’s Sidewalk Poetry contest! I’m tempted to enter again, but my excellent first snow haiku didn’t win and perhaps my poetic skills would increase if I were to brood for a couple more years.

Want to check out some cool music? Hit up the Are You Local? SXSW Send-off

Here are the set time


In the Entry:

6 p.m. Hunting Club

7 p.m. Bight Club

8 p.m. Joey Ryan & The Inks

9 p.m. The Moon Goons
In the Mainroom:
5:30 p.m. City on the Make

6:15 p.m. Romantica

7 p.m. The Pines

7:45 p.m. Jeremy Messersmith

8:30 p.m. Peter Wolf Crier

9:15 p.m. “Are You Local?” contest winner

9:45 p.m. Lookbook

That said let’s close this out with a little bit of the Lookbook
Thanks to TwinCitizen
Lookbook – Yesterday’s Company & The Only Ones



What’s for lunch?


MIA Staff Lunchtime sledding outing right outside our front doors.

Uploaded on March 1, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Dudes and Dudettes, not much time left to get your sledding on. 1 2 3 GO!


Talking Minnesotan – 02-26-10

Image “Third Thursday: Foot in the Door 4 Premiere” Uploaded on February 19, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
(Photos: Lacey Criswell and Kimberlee Whaley)
Find artwork on the FITD4 website

Check out the Best Shoes in the Door Gallery here

Learn about upcoming Third Thursday events.

Join the Third Thursday Group Pool and upload your own images from the event.

Well I missed another Third Thursday event, but I really want to go. The wife has decided she won’t be able to make the next couple, so I need a date or three. Want to go to the next one?

This week the talk has been all Prince all the time. His Purpleness has released a new song “Cause and Affect” and Andrea Swensson is not impressed.

People, we have a fake applause situation. When one of our friends was listening to “Cause and Effect” for the first time, he remarked that it sounded like the background noise on the video game Rock Band. We giggled, and then became very, very sad. Honestly. Is there anything more depressing than the image of the Purple One at Paisley Park, wielding a plastic guitar with multi-colored buttons and playing with a backing band of cartoons?


Check out Toki Wright talk about BlackMale, an 8 song digital EP of all brand new music. “Seeing that it is Black History month it seemed like a fitting to release this interpretation of African-American manhood”

Although Mn has plenty of Minnesotans in the Olympics people still can’t seem to get enough Brett Favre talk.

Most sports fans are getting into baseball mode and What ‘choo talking about, Willis? has some things to say with Twinsanity

While MPR’s Laura McCallum takes on the more serious discussion of homelessness in Mn with A business plan to end long-term homelessness Ever notice how politicians say they are going to end homelessness, but then set the date way off in the future all the while defunding programs for the homeless?

Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

There’s been a lot of law talk this week and right in the midst of it all Sheila Regan fights the law and well, somehow actually wins. TCDP’s Sheila Regan gets court records opened

Secret court proceedings will see the light of day, according to an Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on TC Daily Planet reporter Sheila Regan’s motion to open the records of contempt proceedings against Carrie Feldman. The appeals court allowed further government delay in opening the records, drawing a sharp dissent from Judge Bye, one of the three-judge panel hearing the case:

Congratulations Sis, but be careful, that’s not how the song goes.

Hey look that pretty boy Andrew Zimmern is going to be on the Tyra show. Fierce.

Speaking of MSPMAG Man-about-Town Steve Marsh (who still owes me 20 bucks and drinks, fucking hippy.) has two videos worth checking this week.

In this one he gets hammered and talks about the monster situation he created with Michelle Bachmann and in this one he interviews author Wells Tower at Il Gatto

HEY YOU!!! Don’t forget to vote in the Pepsi Refresh contest, there are some good local entries.

You know what? It’s Friday, let’s close it out with Eyedea & Abilities – Smile



Lake Phalen – Winter Carnival – Kite Fest – 2010

A few weekends ago I went to Lake Phalen to watch the Winer Carnival Ice Boat racing event.

While there I interviewed Kitemaster Mike Gee of Wings on Strings

The interview covers the first three minutes of the video and at about 3:30 you can see the giant kite Spirit Man set sail.


The Photo Set

Wings on Strings

Wings on Strings is North Dakota’s Club for Kite Flying

We consider anyone who flies a kite in North Dakota a member of the club. You may already be a member, but did not know it. We have no dues and no meetings.

If you like kites, fly kites, make kites, or want to know more about kites, we’ll help you out. It may be a small state, but North Dakota has its share of nationally recognized kite enthusiasts as well as kite festivals that attract people from across the nation (and Canada).

The 16th Annual Jamestown Kite Festival
June 12 and 13, 2010

North Dakota: No Mountains, No Trees, Just One Big Kite Flying Field

At Patina, The Sale Must Go On

We’ve all heard the news of the devastating fire which raged in South Minneapolis Thursday afternoon, destroying five local mainstays: Heidi’s Restaurant, Blackbird Café, Stacey Johnson Jewelry, Shoppe Local, and Patina.  It’s a double whammy for Patina and Shoppe Local owner Rick Haase, who also owns the now destroyed building.

Patina had previously scheduled its Odds and Ends Sale for the last weekend in February, and according to Ali Shops, that sale will still happen.  Visit the Highland Park location for big discounts on home décor, candles, jewelry, bath and body products, books, kids’ wares, and great gift items.  It’s the best way to support a beloved local business after such a tragic event.

Sale runs Thursday, February 25 – Sunday, February 28.

Patina, 2057 Ford Parkway, St. Paul. 651-695-9955,

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