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Talking Minnesotan – 5/21/10

1 of the 10,000 lakes
Image =”1 of the 10,000 lakes” Uploaded on May 18, 2010 by Venkat Raja

It’s been a fun week in Minnesota. People have been talking about the weather and that’s how Minnesotans know everything is right with the world. It just so happens that the weather this week was nice and sunny. Yup the talk was all nice, unless of course you happen to follow politics. Mn political conversations were … well… politics as usual. The Right hates the left and the left hates the Right and the newspaper commentors hate teachers and nurses hate hospital administration and hospital administration hates unions and the unions hate politicians and the politicians just keep smiling and talking about the wonderful progress they’ve made.

Mr.Veto likes to fill up prisons so he vetoed sensible bipartisan legislation that would change current laws to keep bongwater from being counted as drug weight. Citypages covers the story with Bong water bill dries up with Tim Pawlenty’s veto. You have to read the comments.

Pioneer press puts it all into perspective Time to face it, Minnesota: Tim Pawlenty is seeing someone else

He goes on long trips without explanation. He comes home and criticizes my appearance, even as he pays greater attention to his own image. Where there once was fondness and love, now all I get is, ‘Your taxes are too high! You’re spending too much! You have to cut back!’

As if the RNC convention wasn’t a big enough bust Minneapolis now wants to get itself a convention.
Bob Collins has a poll going and so far people seem to think it’s a good thing. Huh.

Speaking of Bob, he has this to say “I’m not sure what creeps me out more, that a 40 yr old was pretending to be a gay hockey teen. Or that ppl folo a blog by a gay hockey teen” about this story Minnesota gay teen hockey blogger outed as 40-year-old man.

I couldn’t agree more.

Did you see this? Last-minute lake rule looks fishy I almost gave the story it’s own post just to use a headline about “bait and switch”.

Anyway, what’s going on this weekend? Here is a nice music roundup. I’ll probably update the post with some happenings links as the day progresses, but for now I’m out of time. So let’s wrap it up with a little bit of Dessa. She released her new video today “Alibi”.

How Green Was My Garden: Gardening, Social Media & Bacon go to the Fair

Social Media Breakfast MSP 26 is being hosted at the Minnesota State Fair Progress Building on Friday May 21st from 8am to 10am discussing Urban/Organic/ Gardening & Farming.  Your venerable  blogger (yes me) will be trying not to embarass herself as the moderator of a very good panel of guests assembled to discuss how they use social media to promote their businesses, sell their products and connect with their communities.

Panelists include:

* Susan Berkson, Minneapolis Farmers Market (MPLS Farmers Market on Facebook)
* Debbie Morrison, Sapsucker Farms
* Barbara Hegman, PlantJotter
* Lee Zukor, Simple Good & Tasty
* Kirsten Saylor, Gardening Matters

Generous sponsors include Organic Valley and Mother Earth Gardens. At the event will be a mini-market with several vendors and organizations displaying their messages and wares. Please stop by for some bacon and lively discussion of how farmers, growers, advocates, markets and more are using social media in the vibrant world of sustainable growing.

Talking Minnesotan – 03/19/10


Minnesotans have been crazy talking up the recent goings on, much to the dismay of… well … other Minnesotans. We’re a fickle lot, we like to talk a lot, sometimes. Other times we don’t want any talking. Most of the time we don’t want to hear or read about things we aren’t talking about. Of course, maybe I get too much of my information from Twitter.

If FLOODWATCH2010 is your thing Sornie is pulling together an impressive group of flood pics over and yon at Minnpics

MPR brings us a boatload of events this weekend

This weekend is burgeoning with more events than I know what to do with: book signings, dance concerts, theater, birthday celebrations, music, comedy… If you can’t find something in here to tickle your fancy, well all I can say is, you’re missing out.

Your weekend outlook: the (w)rite of spring

2and21 says forget lakes. we got bikes.

While Simplegoodandtasty points out our great Mn craft beers Locavore Beer Lovers Have Much to Like About Minnesota Brew

Bob has some helpful information @justplainbob “@BCollinsMN Perhaps 90% of people don’t know — as I didn’t until recently — that you can recycle CFL at Menards for free. Spread the word!”

Remember that Duluth Google video I posted a while back?
Now Public Knowledge asks “Will Minnesota Senate Kill Duluth’s Chances of Getting Google Gigabit Project?”

Minnpost is talking healthcare Behind-the-scenes on health care maneuvering: how Tim Walz is deciding, how lobbying pressures mount

While is taking on the ever popular immigration debate Minnesota Compass: The Economic Impact of Immigrants in Minnesota

•Immigrant-owned businesses generated $331 million dollars in net income to the Minnesota in 2000.
•Hispanic-owned firms in the state have grown 350% since 1990.
•Foreign-born workers account for the majority of growth in the labor force in Minnesota.
•Nationally immigrants represent 25% of physicians and 40% of engineers holding doctoral degrees.
•The U.S. Labor Department reports that the nation has an immediate shortage of 126,000 nurses, yet the average wait for a nurse to get a “green card” is six years.
•Rural Minnesota alone faces a predicted shortage of 8,000 RNs in the next decade.

In sad news longtime Mpls.St.Paul Magazine editor Brian Anderson passed away this week. In my household Brian was viewed as a thoughtful writer and it was his stories my wife would discuss the most.

MSPMAG has the details on his services

On Saturday, March 20, he will be remembered by family, friends, colleagues, and readers at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis. Visitation begins at 9 a.m., followed by a funeral service at 10:30 a.m. Burial will follow at Lakewood Cemetery. All of those Brian touched, either through his deeds or his written words, are welcome to attend

Let’s wrap this up with Mn’s own Romantica – These Things Are Too Beautiful (Live on The Local Show)


Talking Minnesotan – 02-26-10

Image “Third Thursday: Foot in the Door 4 Premiere” Uploaded on February 19, 2010
by Minneapolis Institute of Arts
(Photos: Lacey Criswell and Kimberlee Whaley)
Find artwork on the FITD4 website

Check out the Best Shoes in the Door Gallery here

Learn about upcoming Third Thursday events.

Join the Third Thursday Group Pool and upload your own images from the event.

Well I missed another Third Thursday event, but I really want to go. The wife has decided she won’t be able to make the next couple, so I need a date or three. Want to go to the next one?

This week the talk has been all Prince all the time. His Purpleness has released a new song “Cause and Affect” and Andrea Swensson is not impressed.

People, we have a fake applause situation. When one of our friends was listening to “Cause and Effect” for the first time, he remarked that it sounded like the background noise on the video game Rock Band. We giggled, and then became very, very sad. Honestly. Is there anything more depressing than the image of the Purple One at Paisley Park, wielding a plastic guitar with multi-colored buttons and playing with a backing band of cartoons?


Check out Toki Wright talk about BlackMale, an 8 song digital EP of all brand new music. “Seeing that it is Black History month it seemed like a fitting to release this interpretation of African-American manhood”

Although Mn has plenty of Minnesotans in the Olympics people still can’t seem to get enough Brett Favre talk.

Most sports fans are getting into baseball mode and What ‘choo talking about, Willis? has some things to say with Twinsanity

While MPR’s Laura McCallum takes on the more serious discussion of homelessness in Mn with A business plan to end long-term homelessness Ever notice how politicians say they are going to end homelessness, but then set the date way off in the future all the while defunding programs for the homeless?

Yeah, I’m sure that will work.

There’s been a lot of law talk this week and right in the midst of it all Sheila Regan fights the law and well, somehow actually wins. TCDP’s Sheila Regan gets court records opened

Secret court proceedings will see the light of day, according to an Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on TC Daily Planet reporter Sheila Regan’s motion to open the records of contempt proceedings against Carrie Feldman. The appeals court allowed further government delay in opening the records, drawing a sharp dissent from Judge Bye, one of the three-judge panel hearing the case:

Congratulations Sis, but be careful, that’s not how the song goes.

Hey look that pretty boy Andrew Zimmern is going to be on the Tyra show. Fierce.

Speaking of MSPMAG Man-about-Town Steve Marsh (who still owes me 20 bucks and drinks, fucking hippy.) has two videos worth checking this week.

In this one he gets hammered and talks about the monster situation he created with Michelle Bachmann and in this one he interviews author Wells Tower at Il Gatto

HEY YOU!!! Don’t forget to vote in the Pepsi Refresh contest, there are some good local entries.

You know what? It’s Friday, let’s close it out with Eyedea & Abilities – Smile



Should police obey the law?

In this post at the Pioneer press Ruben Rosario: Cops’ seat-belt sting did the job. But was it right? Ruben talks about a police string to catch motorists not using a seatbealt.

The FBI had Donnie Brasco, the undercover agent who infiltrated the mob. Maplewood police have “Homeless Harry” — my moniker for the undercover cop who last weekend bagged a completely different kind of outlaw. Let me explain.

Blake Elfstrom, 22, of Maplewood, was driving his girlfriend home late Sunday morning. He was the fourth car at a stop sign before turning onto westbound Minnesota 36 from northbound McKnight Road in North St. Paul.

That was when he spotted a shabbily dressed, middle-aged man wearing glasses that seemed too big for his face. The man, who turned out to be Maplewood cop Paul Bartz, was holding up a sign — “Will work for food” — as he approached and looked inside the line of waiting vehicles.

Elfstrom was pondering whether to roll down his window when he saw the cars moving ahead of him. He entered the on-ramp, only to be waved to the side of the road moments later by one of several uniformed cops standing near a line of patrol cars.

He asked the cop why he was being pulled over. The officer told him his girlfriend was in violation of a 9-month-old law that gives Minnesota law enforcement the authority to pull over drivers and occupants for not wearing seat belts.

“How in the world did you know?” Elfstrom asked the ticketing officer.

“That homeless guy back there? He’s an officer,” the cop replied.

“I saw about 10 other cars pulled over as he wrote out the (summons),” said Elfstrom

Ruben then goes on to delve into the right/wrongs of police posing as the homeless for a sting and quotes officers that are both for and against the practice.

Though, the bit that caught my eye is this

I was left wondering whether the cops violated one state law in order to enforce another. According to Subdivision 2 of Minnesota Statute 169.22, “no person shall stand on a roadway for the purpose of soliciting employment, business, or contributions from the occupant of any vehicle.”

It’s clear from the article that the police did in fact solicit and accept money while working on the sting. (Almost $100! which they donated)

I think we’ve all seen police breaking laws that apply to other drivers: speeding, flipping on lights to go through a red and then immediately turning them off, distracted driving, etc.

I know it’s a loaded question, but does anyone think it’s ok for the police to break while enforcing the law?
Should all these seatbeat tickets be tossed out of court on a technicality?



Talking Minnesotan – 02-12-10

Image behind frozen minnehaha falls 1 Uploaded on January 30, 2010
by Dan Anderson whom writes

Behind the frozen Minnehaha Falls: Close to the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, the Minnehaha creek drops 53 feet off limestone bluffs creating one of Minnesota’s tallest waterfalls.

In the winter, the water freezes and you can walk behind a totally amazing wall of cascading ice

A frozen waterfall. How awesome is that?

Well, it’s Valentines Day weekend so love is in the air . . .I suppose. The wife made me watch Shakespeare in Love last night (as I surfed the web) and people at work are talking about making romantic plans.
Still need ideas? Citypages has The Wet Spot: Sexy V-Day gifts from the gas station

Sexy gift #1: Duraflame Giant Log ($5.99)

The first key ingredient in any erotic V-Day stew is setting the right atmosphere. With a Duraflame Giant Log, that special lady in your life will be all like, “Whoa, am I sitting by a real wood fireplace at a secluded cabin in the woods?” And you’ll be all like, “No baby, that’s a Duraflame Giant Log which I set on fire in my bathtub. Now watch me do some pushups without my shirt on.”

Whoever says you can’t buy love has obviously never enjoyed the sweet, sensual scent of a Duraflame Giant Log, available at your local Holiday gas station.

I couldn’t agree more, sexy firelog it is. I think I have a few stored away in the garage for a sexy occasion.

WCCO shows it could be worse

Speaking of sexy. The Hotness images are posted and SOTC has a 7 questions interview with Christian-Philippe Quilici that gets out of hand. Apparently CP and I are going to meet for lunch and start a gang, Ya’ll.

MPR’s Bob Collins has a great story on the Wrenshall girls basketball team learning a life lesson

The Wrenshall (Minn.) High School Wrens girls basketball squad is 0-14 this year, but that’s not the worst of it. The worst of it was when the story of their 65-0 loss to Moose Lake/Willow River in December made the Associated Press wire and they got to be the butt of jokes across the country. Funny stuff, unless you’re a hard-working kid in Wrenshall — population 386 and one German exchange student playing basketball for the first time.

True confession time, back in the day we used to break into the Wrenshall school and drink (mountain dew?) in the hallways. Why? I have no idea, but I can tell you back in the day those Wrenshall kids really knew how to throw a hot tub party. It helped that there was no police force in Wrenshall. The entire town knew how to get into that school, but no one ever did any damage. Also, the school pool parties were super fun. I’ve known a lot of Wrenshall kids, all good. End Confession.

Begin summer?

There’s a buzz and it’s about a new deadly mosquito.

Yup, love is in the air. Romance. Break ups Hook ups. Some real Romeo and Juliette type shit is going down so let’s close it out with Jeremy Messersmith performing “A Girl, a Boy, and a Graveyard”



Our Governor, the idiot?

Salon reports about Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty’s budget plan and it is not very kind. Nope, not kind at all.

a balanced budget proposal from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2012. Pawlenty says the debate over the deficit “is no longer between competing political philosophies — it is a matter of basic mathematics.”

Pawlenty then calls for a balanced budget to the amendment to the Constitution and simultaneously recommends that “the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent and tax burdens on individuals and businesses should be further reduced.”

So who exactly is it who doesn’t have a handle on the math? As Bruce Bartlett observes in a blistering rebuttal to Pawlenty, the governor’s numbers don’t even begin to add up.

Here’s Bartlett’s rebuttal and it puts a serious crimp in Pawlety’s style Tim Pawlenty: Not Ready for Prime Time

Read them all, but my favorite is

It’s doubtful that Mr. Pawlenty has any clue as to the composition of federal spending. In FY 2009 we would have had to abolish every discretionary spending program, including national defense, to balance the budget and that still wouldn’t have been enough without a penny of higher revenues, as he insists. We would have had to cut more than $300 billion out of Medicare and Social Security as well. Good luck with that.

Mr. Bruce then wraps up with

In conclusion, Tim Pawlenty is not ready for prime time. He may think he has found a clever way of appealing to the right wing tea party/Fox News crowd without having to propose any actual cuts in spending, but it isn’t going to work. It’s too transparently phony even for them.


What do you think?

(h/t DBrauer)

Take your meme and shove it

I am so tired of the “10 things you need to stop tweeting about” meme, but you know what?, keep tweeting it.
Here’s the most recent itteration to fill my tweet stream, I think it’s supposed to be cute.

Hail it’s obvious virtues and revel in it’s moronic simplicity oh mighty decider of tweets. You’re probably the type that can get away with that type of thing, purely perfect you.

Not I, I am flawed. So I miss the brilliance of most of your tweets which I often consider mundane and unoriginal, but hey that’s just unperfect me talking. Best I can tell many of the people I follow break one or more of the 10 twitter rules you espouse on a regular basis. Yet I follow. Matter of fact I suspect that if I only allowed myself to follow those that tweet the profound or exactly what I am interested in at any given moment, then I wouldn’t be following anyone. I mean why bother?

Once again, that’s just little ol’ flawed me. I don’t have your perfect sense of judgement or your ability to pick the people to follow that will amuse and delight with each profound set of 140 characters or less. Heck, sometimes I even tweet about my kids. Sometimes it’s even a twitpic of one or both being cute. Quick get a time machine, take me back to Salem, and burn me as a witch!

Though, that does make me wonder why you follow me.

Most recently I’ve been seeing this big 10 no-no’s list retweeted by people that use Twitter to make money (presumably) either through a business or their social media expertise. Though, I can’t recall the last time I approached a bricks and mortar business and saw a sign that said “Don’t talk about these things in my store”, I’d probably walk away.

I guess that’s why I’ll probably never give you my money and believe it or not I actually spend money at the local businesses I follow.

Anyway, the next time you think someone shouldn’t be tweeting something there’s an easy solution just unfollow them. Problem solved. If you’re going to be a TweetNazi you’re way better off showing some spine than taking the passive aggressive who-can-do-what meme route.

Now before you jizz yourself with the potential irony of this post, yes I get it. Reread my first sentence I didn’t tell you to actually stop tweeting anything. I’m simply pointing out the glass house you live in and offering a little helpful advice, don’t tell me what to do. Remember, Twitter is social media which means it about life. A nice little 140 character zeitgeist delivery vehicle. I am of the opinion that it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it’s about who you follow. Just like life, it’s not who you are it’s who you know.

Take my flawed post for what it is, just some words of advice. Hey have I told you I’m having a PB&J for lunch? Check my twitter stream I’m sure it’s there somewhere.



Talking Minnesotan – 01/22/10

walking on top of the skyway!

Uploaded on January 21, 2010
by the queen of subtle and she adds “you know what would make life 400% more awesome? having a cherry-picker”

I agree. I want to party with those guys.

Tomorrow begins Hockey Day Minnesota 2010! And everyone is talking about hockey, that is they would be if it wasn’t for the Vikings game on Sunday.

Speaking of which Prince made an unusual fight song for the game and Citypages has the lyrics and video, sometimes you really have to wonder about the little fella.

Speaking of having-to-wonder the In the Loop-ers have Ten Artists, One Clear Message: A song for Haiti ummmm

Ever wanted to watch a Black Bear have cubs? Here’s your chance

MspMag talks about experimental theater Call Cutta in a Box @ the IDS Center

Only 300 people will get to experience German experimental theater troupe Rimini Protokoll’s Call Cutta in a Box: an International Phone Play, the first installment of the Walker Art Center’s 2010 Out There series—so spoiler alert if you’ve already got a ticket: the following may contain details you would rather learn by surprise, because you paid for them, rather than read about them here for free.

Call Cutta in a Box is less an avante-garde theater piece than it is a clever, amusing concept for creating a unique type of experience—one that only a person living at this moment in history could possibly have. That’s because there’s a lot of technology involved, but more on that later. There are 300 performances of Call Cutta in a Box, all for an audience of one: the ticket holder. Essentially, it’s just a phone conversation with a call-center operator in India, but as the conversation unfolds, and certain secrets and surprises are revealed, it becomes more of a lightly choreographed dance of the mind between two people who weren’t aware of the each other’s existence, but now share a connection, however tenuous, that wasn’t there before the conversation started.

As it turns out my sis was one of those 300 people and she writes about her experience on her new blog Arts Communique

Speaking of Art it’s time again for Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake.

I want to check out Black Bania

Black Bania is a smoking hot room on a frozen lake. A tipi will house a sauna room available for use by the public on a bring-your own-towel basis and provide additional space for restorative sauna related activity

A smoking hot room on a frozen lake? Sounds like trouble, yes please.

So let’s close it out with some trouble a local video posted by retrago

Change is Coming – Heiruspecs w. Dessa

Naked Award Winner – Jamie Oliver wins TED Prize


Jamie Oliver, who revolutionized how many people cook with his groundbreaking “Naked Chef” television series and cookbooks has been named the recipient of the 2010 TED Prize.  With the prize Oliver wins $100,000 to grant a wish to “change the world.”

Changing the world is nothing new to Oliver, who as a very young chef took his training in Great Britain and Italy and showed that food can be stripped down to its very essence, “Naked” and enjoyed by all.  His father owned a pub in Essex where his love of cooking began to be fostered.  He went onto Westminster Catering College and then trained in France. And after time at prestigious restaurants it was while a documentary was being filmed at the River Café where Oliver’s irreverent style and what he calls “cheeky” nature found the cameras.  Soon after “The Naked Chef” was born and Oliver became one of the newest and certainly youngest of the celebrity chefs.

jamies-america-largeBut the British kid who plays drums in a rock band didn’t just cook food. He was passionate about it, where it came from, and especially how food was affecting the youth of Britain.   With his celebrity Oliver launched a campaign to improve the food in UK school lunch programs. He filmed a multi-part documentary and worked with the British government to change policies about what was being served to the UK children in his battle to fight obesity and ensure they were eating healthier foods.

Oliver didn’t stop with school lunches, he founded the Fifteen Foundation a program that exists to help disadvantaged youth, now across Europe, assisting them to build careers in the restaurant industry. The concept is based on an apprenticeship model with a working restaurant, foundation and training program all together.  The  Fifteen program has graduated 159 students at a cost of $49,500 each through the start of 2009.

He also took his love for good food to the British television airwaves in a documentary to dramatically demonstrate how chickens live and die to reach consumers’ plates in the UK. Olivers’ “Fowl Dinners” on Channel Four has directly lead to a dramatic increase in the demand for free range chickens at grocers like Tesco and Sainsbury.

Following the chicken across the road, Oliver also launched a fight to save British pork in his series “Jamie Saves our Bacon.” Which discusses UK pig breeding and the heritage of local pork.   His other special focuses on getting people back into the kitchen. Oliver’s “Ministry of Food” shows how simple healthy cooking is just as easy as nuking frozen school-dinners-featuredinners and is an important part of a good diet; how making your own food is most often less expensive than buying pre-made, pre-assembled and pre-packaged foods. Oliver has also fought for clear and accurate food labeling in supermarkets and grocery stores in Great Britain.

Jamie has launched his own wines and foods as well as dinnerware and other products like most celebrity chefs. Unfortunately for us Yanks, the food and wines do not seem to be available in the United States yet and shipping on most of the other products is obviously spendy, but it can be well worth it.

Of course, the cookbooks are still his bread and butter,excuse the pun. In fact the Fifteen Foundation is funded entirely by an endowment from sales of one of his cookbooks. Oliver continues to come out with unique approaches to food to surprise and entertain.  His latest, Jamie’s America, includes his take on American cuisine after filming recent specials and a BBC Series in the United States.  He is also about to launch his fight against childhood obesity and toward healthy foods for children in schools across the pond to the American market in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution USA to be aired as a television special on ABC.  You can sign Jamie’s petition for better food in US school lunches here.

As the  recipient of the TED prize, Oliver is certainly one person who use that $100,000 prize and take “One wish to change the world”, he has already done so in so many ways.

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