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Talking Minnesotan – 5/21/10

1 of the 10,000 lakes
Image =”1 of the 10,000 lakes” Uploaded on May 18, 2010 by Venkat Raja

It’s been a fun week in Minnesota. People have been talking about the weather and that’s how Minnesotans know everything is right with the world. It just so happens that the weather this week was nice and sunny. Yup the talk was all nice, unless of course you happen to follow politics. Mn political conversations were … well… politics as usual. The Right hates the left and the left hates the Right and the newspaper commentors hate teachers and nurses hate hospital administration and hospital administration hates unions and the unions hate politicians and the politicians just keep smiling and talking about the wonderful progress they’ve made.

Mr.Veto likes to fill up prisons so he vetoed sensible bipartisan legislation that would change current laws to keep bongwater from being counted as drug weight. Citypages covers the story with Bong water bill dries up with Tim Pawlenty’s veto. You have to read the comments.

Pioneer press puts it all into perspective Time to face it, Minnesota: Tim Pawlenty is seeing someone else

He goes on long trips without explanation. He comes home and criticizes my appearance, even as he pays greater attention to his own image. Where there once was fondness and love, now all I get is, ‘Your taxes are too high! You’re spending too much! You have to cut back!’

As if the RNC convention wasn’t a big enough bust Minneapolis now wants to get itself a convention.
Bob Collins has a poll going and so far people seem to think it’s a good thing. Huh.

Speaking of Bob, he has this to say “I’m not sure what creeps me out more, that a 40 yr old was pretending to be a gay hockey teen. Or that ppl folo a blog by a gay hockey teen” about this story Minnesota gay teen hockey blogger outed as 40-year-old man.

I couldn’t agree more.

Did you see this? Last-minute lake rule looks fishy I almost gave the story it’s own post just to use a headline about “bait and switch”.

Anyway, what’s going on this weekend? Here is a nice music roundup. I’ll probably update the post with some happenings links as the day progresses, but for now I’m out of time. So let’s wrap it up with a little bit of Dessa. She released her new video today “Alibi”.

Friends of the rich and infamous.

Have you ever left on vacation and had your friends watch your place? I typically do when we can’t take the pets. Now I don’t know about your friends, but when my friends watch the place they typically consume all the food and booze while making themselves at home. My wife and I encourage it.

I find out today it’s not that way in the lives of the rich and infamous. According to the Strib and court filings, when asked to watch the Hecker residence James Gustafson and his wife Jamie Miller left these items so they’d feel at home.

You really have to read the entire document on the Strib’s site, but here’s a sample:

clothing, lotion dispensers, a dog sweater, artificial plants, artwork, a DVD player, books, DVDs, a toolbox, a chainsaw, mink teddy bears, toilet paper, glassware and the contents of the refrigerators and freezers

I don’t know about you, but for some odd reason I want to party with these people.


Raise your hand if you love weed.

Photo Uploaded on March 26, 2010 by Jack Splifr (who complains that Flickr deleted all his primo pics)

When I awoke this morning at about 6am my phone was already blinking with messages. The first message was from my brother “Happy 420 bro, no baby yet.”, I laughed, he and his special lady friend are expecting and today is the due date.

I could be wrong, but I think my brother may have sampled the green at some point in his life.

According to Citypages my bro wouldn’t be alone as Minneapolis ranked 13th most pot-loving community and with all the pro 4/20 news I’ve seen today I’m almost starting to believe that maybe smoking Mary Jane won’t turn a person into a devil worshipping founder of a healthcare deathpanel.


It’s 4/20, raise your hand if you love weed and I’ll try to overlook your grandma killing deathpanel for just one day.


A Friday Caption Contest

How about a little poking fun at our government to lighten up your Friday?

GOP stooge and general smart aleck @Kwatt tipped me off to a picture in this post, Pawlenty, teachers at odds over funds.

Original Image courtesy of AreaVoices CapitolChat

So many possibilities.


T Minus 1 Day Until 30 Days of Biking

Uploaded on March 24, 2010
by Individual_romance

Have you made the pledge?


Taking the fun out of fundraising

Forest Lake Press reports

A Century Junior High School parent said her son and another student are being unfairly punished after a school fundraiser took a wrong turn into alleged sexual misconduct last month.

The incident took place during a charity fundraiser where three teachers, a male and two females, volunteered to be taped to a school wall. Students could buy a three-foot piece of duct tape for $1 and secure the teacher to a wall in front of the student body.

Amanda Valencia said a group of classmates dared her son and another student to place tape on a female teacher’s chest. She said her son placed his portion of tape across the teacher’s collar bone, but the second male student applied tape across her chest.

The action resulted in cheers and high fives among the group of students involved in the dare.

Valencia said approximately a dozen students involved in the incident were questioned by school authorities and asked to write an apology to the teacher. She said her son was sent home and suspended for two days.

Valencia said the punishment seemed to fit the circumstances but then her son was questioned by police for alleged sexual harassment and disorderly conduct.

“They took part in an event that was put on by the school, volunteered to by the teachers, and tape provided by the school for the students to place on the teacher,” she said, “and they want to charge my son with sexual harassment or even disorderly conduct? That seems a little extreme.”

Quiring said police will take no action in the case, but Valencia said school authorities threatened to expel her son and plan to classify the incident as sexual harassment in his school file.

The comment section is lighting up and mostly it is in support of the kids.

Russ writes

” I agree that the behavior of the students appears on the surface to be nothing more than plain ordinary immaturity. I think having the reason why it was inappropriate being explained to them, and having to write an apology should have been the end of it. But once again the administration has to take things to a level above silly. To move the children to a new school seems like a knee-jerk reflex rather than a well thout decision. ”

Mary answers

” This is just another reason why I’m glad that I moved my children to another district. I think that the staff and district are seriously lacking in many areas. The top being that most lack the brains that they should have for the positions that they are in. The kids were just being kids and lacked a little good judgement. Tha adults on the other hand???????? ”

mom2 adds

” Agree with Russ & Mom -the school totally over reacted to this situation. The teacher being taped to the wall should have said something such as “dont even think about it” and the whole issue could have been avoided. Ross Bennett states the worhwhile cause was marred by 2 students. Guess what dumn idea to begin with and doesnt the staff member have some fault as well? “

And the mother of one of the boys weighs in.

mamabear wrote

” i want to thank you all for your logical and caring comments given the fact that my son is one of the “accused”. What most of you do not yet know is that the police were called and these boys were questioned without benefit of parental knowledge or involvement. My son; to this date has served 2 ISR punishments, forced to write and then re-write letters of apology, been interviewed (without parents) on at least THREE occasions, referred to a “behavior and consequence” class at youth service bureau and has been given an assigned lunch seat with the severely disabled kids. Anyone a parent of one of these kids?? How do you feel knowing that your child’s disability is being used as punishment for a non-disabled child?? My child is not one of the two the UNINFORMED mr Bennett speaks of– he is one of 12 that are involved and being continuously punished. My child finally could not force himself to return to school last Friday as a result of teacher’s treatment of him and feeling like they were calling him a “rapist.” His documented offense: “inappropriate laughter toward a staff member.” documented staff response : “police action”. Make sense to anyone????????????? The principal and vice principal both told us it makes perfect sense to them and we are also told they dont know yet if they are though punishing our son. I cannot figure out how these people sleep at night!!! Can anyone else?? furthermore– its important to note that the female teacher who was “so damaged” by the inappropriate strip of tape and subsequent laughter~~ continued her role as tapee for two additional lunch periods!! the principal’s response to that? “she chose to continue so as not to draw further negative attention to the event” REALLY??? so calling the FL police department was what ??? positive attention??? The school district considering further punishments for these kids??? The punishment needs to turn on the faculty and Mr Bennett, in my opinion…. shame on these people! “

Here’s a glaring problem with zero tolerance, besides the fact that it throws out judgement calls and common sense, the authority figures are never treated with zero tolerance.


They’ll have to pry our porn from our hot sticky hands

Here’s an update on the ongoing debate about Minnesota workers staying at places that show THE PORNO.

Strib reports

ST. PAUL, Minn. – A bill that would prohibit Minnesota government employees from staying in hotels with pay-per-view pornography has failed in a House committee.

If you’re a state employee don’t break out the lube and tissue yet, your nannycrats still have one more threat to your right to Jackin’ and Jilling

A companion bill sponsored by Democratic Sen. Tarryl Clark, also from St. Cloud, passed a Senate committee last week and has made it to the Senate floor.

I can only ask, what exactly has it been doing down on the Senate floor for the last week?


Is our judicial system on the verge of collapse?

Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson recently announced he will be retiring after serving only two years on the bench and this week he has issued a dire warning that the state’s judicial system is on the verge of collapse.

The Strib reports

We are running a really big engine with almost no oil in the crankcase, and things are going to start to break down if we get a significant cut in this legislative session,” said Magnuson, who made it known last week that he will leave the bench in June.

Facing nearly $15 million in proposed budget cuts, Magnuson envisions more backlogs and delays, more drug court closings, public-counter closings and “delaying justice to Minnesota citizens.” …

Now he says, the judiciary is “struggling” and if another round of cuts proposed by Pawlenty is imposed, the system may have to look at simply delivering fewer services.

“We may have to look at changing what we are doing, not just how we’re doing it,” Magnuson said. “And I’d hate to see that.”

The comments to the story break down into three general categories, it’s time to look at spending, it’s time to increase funding, and politics where most of the political venom is aimed at our Governor, Tim Pawlenty.

One commentor went so far as to write a dissent.

DissentI get Chief Magnuson’s dilemma, but I have to dissent with this statement. “”We may have to look at changing what we are doing, not just how we’re doing it,” Magnuson said. “And I’d hate to see that.”” Actually, it is time to look at changing what the judicial system is doing. As another commenter stated about going to court for “dog at large” there are simply too many ways to go to court in this state. What is the sense in thousands of dollars in court costs for a hundred dollar fine? Is that really justice served? Also, the war on drugs has been a horrible burden on our courts and has only succeeded in driving up the costs to the courts and the cost of the entire judicial and legal system while creating power mad prosecutors that care more about their “win” record and career aspirations than justice. Yes Mr.Magnuson, with all due respect, I disagree with your statement. It is time to change what we are doing.
posted by songczar

What do you think?


Speaking of Jesse The Body – CENSORED!

HuffingtonPost has put the smackdown on the The Body and pulled an article he was published.

Editor’s Note: The Huffington Post’s editorial policy, laid out in our blogger guidelines, prohibits the promotion and promulgation of conspiracy theories — including those about 9/11. As such, we have removed this post.

Apparently the bright bulbs at Huffpost hadn’t heard Jesse has a show called “Conspiracy Theory”

The full original post can still be read at yahoo For Some, the Search for What Really Happened on 9/11 Isn’t Over

You didn’t see anything about it in the mainstream media, but two weeks ago at a conference in San Francisco, more than one thousand architects and engineers signed a petition demanding that Congress begin a new investigation into the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.

That’s right, these people put their reputations in potential jeopardy because they don’t buy the government’s version of events. They want to know how 200,000 tons of steel disintegrated and fell to the ground in 11 seconds. They question whether the hijacked planes were responsible — or whether it could have been a controlled demolition from inside that brought down the Twin Towers and Building 7.

Oh Jesse, will you be our governor?


Food is a four letter word

The Heavy Table has been getting a little bit of guff over their use of some naughty language in a story.
In a write up on The Gopher Bar opens up with

“Fuck you,” says the guy behind the counter. “I’m not talking to you. Fuckin’ middle of lunch.” Behind him a grill covered wall-to-wall with charred hot dogs and buttered buns sizzles and spews a cloud of smoke so thick it’s audibly choking the overhead exhaust fan. The guy takes a swig from a bottle of Bud, sets it back down next to a pack of Marlboro Reds, and squints at us like we’re wearing panties on our heads. “Talk to my wife.”

The post then goes on to capture the crude language of the owners while describing the bar’s atmosphere in scary detail.
Some of the commenters disagree

Peter says:
03/01/2010 at 6:49 AM
I don’t think this piece is appropriate to Heavy Table. Being barraged with the profanity-laden quotes of a bar-keeper isn’t food journalism.

while my favorite comment comes from

Max “Bunny” Sparber says:
03/01/2010 at 9:21 AM
The owner is a world-class crank — the one and only time I went, the bar was loaded with anti-immigration slogans and related expressions of pure assholishness. The service was likewise belligerent and poor, the drink selection miserable, and the food half-assed. Places like this would close except, I presume, other miserable people who have been 86ed from every other bar for their sheer douchiness have found it and continue to support it. I imagine they spend a lot of time there aggravating and abusing each other, and think they are rebels and heroes for doing so.

Well, at least the bar serves an important function: It’s like flypaper for jerks.

Wait. He is talking about The Gopher and not having Mnspeak flashbacks, right?

As for my thoughts on the article I think the language usage in true to the establishment and I have no problems with the occasional swear. The best thing about the review is the amazing drawings, check them out.


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