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Snowy SpongeBob

SpongeBobDon is just a dad who likes to play in the snow, so every year he makes a giant snow sculpture in his South Minneapolis front yard for his children, daughter Victoria (11) and son Donny (10).  This year Spongebob SquarePants on a big chair adorns his lawn and he was performing maintenance on him as I passed by on the way home from the US Pond Hockey Championships so I stopped to ask him about it.  If you would like to see SpongeBob he is just off the intersection of 52nd Street & 28th Avenue in Minneapolis.


Slam MN

Since last night was the fourth Tuesday of the month, the poets were out in style. I went to the Poetry Slam at Keiran’s Irish Pub, and recommend going if you haven’t ever seen them. These master wordsmiths perform their original works about roadkill, love and everything inbetween. Check out their website for other events as well.

The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Uploaded on January 17, 2010
by draftpodium

This picture kind of reminds me of the Death Star. Maybe art is evil.
Check out the upcoming events, Guthrie

Talking Minnesotan – 01/22/10

walking on top of the skyway!

Uploaded on January 21, 2010
by the queen of subtle and she adds “you know what would make life 400% more awesome? having a cherry-picker”

I agree. I want to party with those guys.

Tomorrow begins Hockey Day Minnesota 2010! And everyone is talking about hockey, that is they would be if it wasn’t for the Vikings game on Sunday.

Speaking of which Prince made an unusual fight song for the game and Citypages has the lyrics and video, sometimes you really have to wonder about the little fella.

Speaking of having-to-wonder the In the Loop-ers have Ten Artists, One Clear Message: A song for Haiti ummmm

Ever wanted to watch a Black Bear have cubs? Here’s your chance

MspMag talks about experimental theater Call Cutta in a Box @ the IDS Center

Only 300 people will get to experience German experimental theater troupe Rimini Protokoll’s Call Cutta in a Box: an International Phone Play, the first installment of the Walker Art Center’s 2010 Out There series—so spoiler alert if you’ve already got a ticket: the following may contain details you would rather learn by surprise, because you paid for them, rather than read about them here for free.

Call Cutta in a Box is less an avante-garde theater piece than it is a clever, amusing concept for creating a unique type of experience—one that only a person living at this moment in history could possibly have. That’s because there’s a lot of technology involved, but more on that later. There are 300 performances of Call Cutta in a Box, all for an audience of one: the ticket holder. Essentially, it’s just a phone conversation with a call-center operator in India, but as the conversation unfolds, and certain secrets and surprises are revealed, it becomes more of a lightly choreographed dance of the mind between two people who weren’t aware of the each other’s existence, but now share a connection, however tenuous, that wasn’t there before the conversation started.

As it turns out my sis was one of those 300 people and she writes about her experience on her new blog Arts Communique

Speaking of Art it’s time again for Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake.

I want to check out Black Bania

Black Bania is a smoking hot room on a frozen lake. A tipi will house a sauna room available for use by the public on a bring-your own-towel basis and provide additional space for restorative sauna related activity

A smoking hot room on a frozen lake? Sounds like trouble, yes please.

So let’s close it out with some trouble a local video posted by retrago

Change is Coming – Heiruspecs w. Dessa

Don’t let me down.

Image uploaded by JustaCoolCat
I don’t know about you, but for me icicles have been a life long fascination. As a kid they made great play swords, spears, hanging pillars of fascination, and in a pinch you could eat one to quench your thirst.

I remember being young and fascinated by the walls of ice that would form down the sides of the Duluth hills. Some people would use glacier gear and climb them while others would add different colored dyes to create stunning visuals.

As an adult their myriad of shapes that twist and turn towards the ground are always aesthetically pleasing.

With all the warm weather streaks followed by deep freezes we have the perfect weather for monster icicles in Minnesota.

Have you seen any cool icicles this winter?


Speaking of aesthetics if you’re looking for something to do tonight check out MIA’s Third Thursday Event. I can’t make it to this month’s event, but we are planning on going for Feb.

P.O.S. to play Coachella

The new coachella line up is in and all I can say is damn.



Local Rapper P.O.S. will be playing the opening stage on Friday April 16th.

Check out this lineup.



Read between the lines.

Image Uploaded on January 5, 2010
by Individual_romance who states:

“I think this is my best image of the last two years.. no I mean really.. I love this shit..”

You have to see this: Justin Timberlake and Brother Ali

Last night local wrapper Brother Ali was getting down beat box style with the man who brought sexy back Justin Timberlake.

Check it.

Justin Timberlake live w/ Brother Ali @ the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Via BigBoxCar

Talking Minnesota – 01/08/2009

Ever have one of those weeks… you know, one of those weeks.

This week was one of those weeks for me. My family remains haunted by a plague of a sinus cold , I found out I was most likely investigated by the FBI due to some indescretions by our renters involving the alleged stealing of identites (thankfully not involving us or our property), and yesterday some creepy guy at the gym did the “I’m watching you” fingers to the eyes with a point at me ala Stiller and De Nero as he paused before leaving.

Yup, one of those weeks.

What could top that off?

How about the Star Tribune surveying gov candidates on substance use and mental health? Now there’s a can of worms and someone released the local heavy weights to swing it out over at Minnpost with Is the Star Tribune crazy to ask governor candidates about their mental health? and Bob Collins has a poll on the topic that almost reads like it was written by me.

After all that, plus the prior night’s, twitter talk about it I could use a drink.

Luckily Secrets of the City is there with “what’s your drink”.

In lighter news yet IamDez brings us CAPTCHA: The Movie

Speaking of Twitter Julio Ojeda-Zapata has Looking for journos on Twitter? Here is how to find them

With the weather the way it’s been maybe you need more help looking for your bike, check BuriedBikes. Is that yours?

You know what? It can’t all be bad. Let’s extend a hearty congratulations to Chuckumentary on his new job. I hear he’s been animated. Not bad for a first week.

I close it out with Military Special – “Apology”
Recorded by Todd Pitman on January 2, 2010 at the Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Naked Award Winner – Jamie Oliver wins TED Prize


Jamie Oliver, who revolutionized how many people cook with his groundbreaking “Naked Chef” television series and cookbooks has been named the recipient of the 2010 TED Prize.  With the prize Oliver wins $100,000 to grant a wish to “change the world.”

Changing the world is nothing new to Oliver, who as a very young chef took his training in Great Britain and Italy and showed that food can be stripped down to its very essence, “Naked” and enjoyed by all.  His father owned a pub in Essex where his love of cooking began to be fostered.  He went onto Westminster Catering College and then trained in France. And after time at prestigious restaurants it was while a documentary was being filmed at the River Café where Oliver’s irreverent style and what he calls “cheeky” nature found the cameras.  Soon after “The Naked Chef” was born and Oliver became one of the newest and certainly youngest of the celebrity chefs.

jamies-america-largeBut the British kid who plays drums in a rock band didn’t just cook food. He was passionate about it, where it came from, and especially how food was affecting the youth of Britain.   With his celebrity Oliver launched a campaign to improve the food in UK school lunch programs. He filmed a multi-part documentary and worked with the British government to change policies about what was being served to the UK children in his battle to fight obesity and ensure they were eating healthier foods.

Oliver didn’t stop with school lunches, he founded the Fifteen Foundation a program that exists to help disadvantaged youth, now across Europe, assisting them to build careers in the restaurant industry. The concept is based on an apprenticeship model with a working restaurant, foundation and training program all together.  The  Fifteen program has graduated 159 students at a cost of $49,500 each through the start of 2009.

He also took his love for good food to the British television airwaves in a documentary to dramatically demonstrate how chickens live and die to reach consumers’ plates in the UK. Olivers’ “Fowl Dinners” on Channel Four has directly lead to a dramatic increase in the demand for free range chickens at grocers like Tesco and Sainsbury.

Following the chicken across the road, Oliver also launched a fight to save British pork in his series “Jamie Saves our Bacon.” Which discusses UK pig breeding and the heritage of local pork.   His other special focuses on getting people back into the kitchen. Oliver’s “Ministry of Food” shows how simple healthy cooking is just as easy as nuking frozen school-dinners-featuredinners and is an important part of a good diet; how making your own food is most often less expensive than buying pre-made, pre-assembled and pre-packaged foods. Oliver has also fought for clear and accurate food labeling in supermarkets and grocery stores in Great Britain.

Jamie has launched his own wines and foods as well as dinnerware and other products like most celebrity chefs. Unfortunately for us Yanks, the food and wines do not seem to be available in the United States yet and shipping on most of the other products is obviously spendy, but it can be well worth it.

Of course, the cookbooks are still his bread and butter,excuse the pun. In fact the Fifteen Foundation is funded entirely by an endowment from sales of one of his cookbooks. Oliver continues to come out with unique approaches to food to surprise and entertain.  His latest, Jamie’s America, includes his take on American cuisine after filming recent specials and a BBC Series in the United States.  He is also about to launch his fight against childhood obesity and toward healthy foods for children in schools across the pond to the American market in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution USA to be aired as a television special on ABC.  You can sign Jamie’s petition for better food in US school lunches here.

As the  recipient of the TED prize, Oliver is certainly one person who use that $100,000 prize and take “One wish to change the world”, he has already done so in so many ways.

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