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Everything but the people
The pioneerpress reports UMD shuts down library webcam after sauna streams video

University of Minnesota Duluth staff members abruptly shut down a live webcam at the UMD Library on Monday after learning that its images were being streamed over a website for the Duluth Family Sauna.

The Duluth Family Sauna, which is listed on the Worldwide Gay Sauna Guide and advertises free condoms for guests and the availability of private rooms with locks, titled the UMD streaming video “Stalking Local Wildlife at the UMD Library.”

UMD had set up the camera and directed it at a section of the library shortly after it was built so viewers could see the interior, and this is the first reported misuse of it, said Linda Deneen, director of information technology systems and services at UMD.

“We’ve had this webcam up for a long time, and apparently they discovered it and decided they might use it to … I don’t know,” Deneen said.

When the sauna was called a person that claimed to be the manager, but refused to be identified said “It was obviously a joke”

As long as we’re all speculating on why a sauna would show a live stream of a college library I’d like to chime in with “Maybe they are just all Bibliophiles”. FYI the search term “sexually attracted to books” yields some unusual results, if you can believe it.


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