How would you like an extra-long Dinger Dog?

I’m sure you’ve heard Twins Announce New Hot Dogs For Target Field, but the names crack me up.

“The four dogs are the Original Twins Dog, the Twins Big Dog, the Dugout Dog and the Dinger Dog.”

The original Twins dog is a seven-to-one, ballpark frank-style hot dog, it’s a skinless hot dog that will be available in various locations throughout the ballpark,” said Peter Spike with Delaware North Sports Service.

The Twins Big Dog is a quarter pound, all-beef dog that officially replaces the former Dome Dog.

“We have the quarter-pound all-beef hot dog, that’s the Twins Big Dog,” said Spike.

An old-fashioned pork and beef hot dog in its natural casing has been named the Dugout Dog and will be sold in the stands at Target Field by retro-attired vendors during all home games.

“And then vended in the seats is a little bit different twist, we’re going retro, our vendors will all be wearing retro garb, kind of back to old Met Stadium days, and its going to be a natural casing hot dog that will be served and assembled, component wise, right there in the seats for you,” said Spike.

The Dinger Dog is an extra-long, pork and beef hot dog which will be available at the Hennepin Grille in Target Field.

“We have the Dinger Dog, which is our foot-long version of the smaller hot dog,”

JD then follows it up with a GQ about eating meat. Good Question: Why The Baseball-Hot Dog Link?

The song may talk about peanuts and Cracker Jack, but everyone knows the food most associated with baseball is the hot dog. Exhibit A: the kerfuffle over the end of the Dome Dog with the Minnesota Twins. So, why is baseball so closely linked with hot dogs?

“There’s something about the smell. You can just smell you’re at a ballpark if you close your eyes because this is how it’s supposed to be,” said Clyde Doepner, the archivist for the Minnesota Twins.

MMmmmm mmmmm, nothing like the smell of hot weiners . . heh.
I really should grow up, one of these days . . . one of these days.


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