Nobody Walks, the unintentionally hilarious double entendre

After repeated warnings from the court Judge Robert Kressel lays down the full extent of the law on Denny Hecker.

And a picture says a thousand words.

The PioneerPress reports

Denny Hecker is on the hook for $83 million of his debt to Chrysler Financial because he lied to the court and intentionally failed to comply with requests for documents, a U.S. bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday.

The ruling — the harshest sanction Judge Robert Kressel could impose for violating court rules — ended the lawsuit between the former auto mogul and his largest creditor before it could be tried.

The Michigan-based lender asked for the judgment because of what it described as Hecker’s “willful, egregious and continuing failure to comply with his discovery obligations” since the inception of the lawsuit in July.

Kressel said he had given Hecker “the benefit of the doubt” when Hecker’s lawyer repeatedly said they could not produce the requested documents because federal investigators had seized everything, including computers. But the judge said events in the weeks leading up to Wednesday’s court hearing proved Hecker has always had access to his business computers containing millions of e-mails and electronic documents.

“(Hecker) lied to Chrysler Financial; he lied to me,” Kressel said. “It seems the severe sanction for a severe violation of the rules is the only way I can go.”

Just over a year ago there was local outrage about a Denny Hecker ad campaign that was running on public transportation that had the caption “Nobody Walks”

It looks like Denny may have been right in some unintended ways.


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