Our Governor, the idiot?

Salon reports about Minnesota’s Governor Tim Pawlenty’s budget plan and it is not very kind. Nope, not kind at all.

a balanced budget proposal from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2012. Pawlenty says the debate over the deficit “is no longer between competing political philosophies — it is a matter of basic mathematics.”

Pawlenty then calls for a balanced budget to the amendment to the Constitution and simultaneously recommends that “the Bush tax cuts should be made permanent and tax burdens on individuals and businesses should be further reduced.”

So who exactly is it who doesn’t have a handle on the math? As Bruce Bartlett observes in a blistering rebuttal to Pawlenty, the governor’s numbers don’t even begin to add up.

Here’s Bartlett’s rebuttal and it puts a serious crimp in Pawlety’s style Tim Pawlenty: Not Ready for Prime Time

Read them all, but my favorite is

It’s doubtful that Mr. Pawlenty has any clue as to the composition of federal spending. In FY 2009 we would have had to abolish every discretionary spending program, including national defense, to balance the budget and that still wouldn’t have been enough without a penny of higher revenues, as he insists. We would have had to cut more than $300 billion out of Medicare and Social Security as well. Good luck with that.

Mr. Bruce then wraps up with

In conclusion, Tim Pawlenty is not ready for prime time. He may think he has found a clever way of appealing to the right wing tea party/Fox News crowd without having to propose any actual cuts in spending, but it isn’t going to work. It’s too transparently phony even for them.


What do you think?

(h/t DBrauer)

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  1. Wow (unregistered) on February 1st, 2010 @ 11:54 am

    It probably doesn’t matter, in politics they only seem to care about perception.

    Create a false perception about something and then quickly move on, damage done.

    The FOX spin doctors will have Pawlenty’s back on this one.

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