Ramsey County is watching you.

Kare 11 reports

Saint Paul, MN – Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher has created a network of wireless remote control surveillance cameras, the first of it’s kind in the nation. And the public will eventually have opportunities to monitor the new electronic snooping devices.

“We’re creating a system that allows the average citizen to be our eyes and ears,” Sheriff Fletcher I ask myself,Has law enforcement demonstrated that they will use technology in a legal manner

told reporters Tuesday, as he stood before a wall full of flat screen TV monitors.

The devices transmit video back to headquarters via cell phones. That video can then be streamed over the Internet to computers, iPhones and Google Droids.

In one breath Fletcher says

This is to view public spaces,” “Places that a normal person could actually view it they were actually there. It’s not like we’re going to be peering through your windows.”

and in the next he says

He said no citizen will be intentionally tracked with the “web cop” system unless there’s already compelling evidence of criminal behavior or intent

What exactly is compelling evidence of criminal behavior or intent?

I’m guessing it’s somewhere along the lines of “If you’re a citizen, you’re a criminal” I ask myself if law enforcement has shown that it can use technology or new policy for their intended purpose the answer is no.
In my opinion this is a giant policy fail for the county and another step towards Total-Police-Domination™

Maybe you disagree.


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