Unhappy Minneapple

Each November I look forward to my grandmother’s cooking, trying to not die on Black Friday (I work in retail) and seeing Happy Apple play not one, but two fabulous post-Thanksgiving shows.  It was becoming my own little holiday tradition.

I learned recently that the jazz trio will not be playing this Thanksgiving weekend.  To make matters worse, no one knows when or where they will play next.  By the way, If you have never listened to Happy Apple you should take the time to treat your soul and discover them.  

A few weeks ago I wanted to check on the details of their next show.  With no concert dates on their website or  myspace, I became deeply concerned and was in a foul mood for days.   I eventually decided to stop thinking about it and that perhaps they just hadn’t taken the time to update their websites in a while, it happens.

Then the following Friday, I saw saxophonist Michael Lewis out and about in Minneapolis.  I just had to ask him whether I was being paranoid or if in fact there were no upcoming shows.  He confirmed the latter and I returned to my sad state of mind.  

This isn’t to say the world is doomed never to hear Happy Apple live again, but simply that the group is comprised of three very busy and talented musicians with many places to go and things to do.  This Thanksgiving will not be quite as magical as it could be.

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  1. Shamika (unregistered) on November 26th, 2010 @ 10:57 am

    Wow people!. !! Happy Thanksgiving!! .!! :)
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