Gang Strike Force in trouble.

As reported by the Strib Legislative Auditor harshly criticizes Gang Strike Force

The strike force was unable to account for at least $18,126 of seized cash and could not locate or support the legal disposition of at least 13 forfeited vehicles and one seized vehicle held as evidence

If disappearing assets and money isn’t enough to get your dander up, how about this gem

“The report also said that the strike force did not adequately segregate key duties over its local checking accounts or properly use confidential informant funds.”

Hmm, not properly using informant funds?

In my opinion the informant double standard has gone on too long. It seems like time and time againlittle to no good results from allowing a known criminal to operate outside the law while being paid by law enforcement. This is so glaringly wrong of a practice it should be made illegal.

In a recent series titled The Informant by the Star Tribune the FBI used informants to investigate the Minneapolis Police Department and one of the officer’s attorneys had this to say,

“Edwards and his family are devastated that he was targeted by his own department on the “wholly unreliable” word of an informant trying to save himself from prison, said Klassen, his attorney.”

It’s kind of strange how informants become “wholly unreliable” when investigating the police, but when used by the police their word is reliable enough to walk free while sending others to prison.

The Uptake reports Rep. Beard is concerned that police are “incentivized” to seize valuables from suspects since they can sell and keep the proceeds.

Which could arise from The Task Force “frequently did not follow the state’s statuatory forefeiture procedures,” Now, please correct me if I’m wring, but when someone doesn’t follow the state’s statuatory procedures, aren’t they breaking the law?  Isn’t a law statuatory?

There’s now talk about shutting down the task force.

 View more coverage by The Uptake

So in summary, missing funds, missing property, inproper use of informant funds, and questionable seizures of money and property.

Any questions?



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