Tony Hawk Easter Egg Hunt Comes to the Twin Cities


That Tony Hawk guy still knows how to have a good time. He said something about an Easter Egg hunt, but his idea of something is on a huge scale, and the Easter Eggs were signed boards. Their kinda exact locations were posted to Twitter on Sunday, including two around the Cities. So, in other words, scenes like this were happening all over the country (and Australia, and…?) on Sunday morning.

I’m admittedly lame, so I’ve got nothing going on Easter Sunday morning. I saw one was stashed at 3rd Lair Skate Park in Golden Valley. When I saw the other one was behind the new Familia Skateshop location in Minneapolis, I grabbed my Flip cam, hopped on my bike, and totally didn’t speed to get there. In my mind, I was expecting a mini riot of stoked out little kids fighting over a signed Tony Hawk board. When I got there, I was the only little kid, and I’m like 28. The board was in the back alley, on the stairs, right where it was supposed to be, but the fighting kids were missing. I waited. For like 20 minutes. Another “kid” a little older than me showed up, we chatted for a bit, but I already decided I was going to hang onto it. At the time, I was thinking of my little cousin, but on the ride home, with a signed Tony Hawk deck hanging out my jacket, remembering how I peed my pants when Tony landed his 900 at the X-Games, I kinda decided to hang onto it.

You should really consider giving this whole Twitter thing a try. Facebook is so 2008.

Authentic Tony Hawk Signed Skateboard

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  1. heyburt on April 12th, 2009 @ 4:57 pm

    Tony has certainly raised the bar for other sports stars to follow and share their sport with their fans. It is great to see the MN Skate scene being noticed by The Hawk. Glad I was there to share the stoke with you. Find a good mounting spot for the TH signed board in your den. Check out the rest of the Midwest skate scene at – or our retro skate contest in WI –

  2. Liz (lizgiel) on April 12th, 2009 @ 9:14 pm

    Srsly? That’s pretty sweet. I cannot believe you were one of two people that showed up. Lucky you. ;)

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