Thai one on at Sen yai Sen lek

I am not the most adventurous eater. I am not usually one to take chances and eat something weird. While Thai food might not be that much of a stretch anyway, I do get a little uneasy when an asian restaurant doesn’t have things like Chicken Chow Mein and the other usual fare.

A new place opened up by our house in Northeast called Sen yai Sen lek,  which luckily underneath it’s name has Thai rice and noodles. If I didn’t see those familar words, I probabably wouldn’t have tried it out.

Me and my wife and my older daughter decided to try it out and we had a great meal and a pleasant experience. We had some vegetarian spring rolls that were very fresh and good, (my 12 year daughter has been a vegetarian for a few years) and then what the waitress called their favorite dishes Pad Thai Goong, for which they had a chicken and vegetarian option. I went for the chicken, which had a tangy wonderful flavor to it.

They also serve beer and wine at this place, but I opted for a Cane cola. The food was great hot and tasty. I am not a food critic so I can’t be too descriptive about it. I had a good experience and that is all I need to decide If I should go back or not and with this place I definitely will. I also recommend it to all of you. 4 stars out 4, two thumbs up and three full satisfied bellys out of three.

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  1. lencioni on November 22nd, 2008 @ 9:25 am

    Your link at the bottom is broken. It should be

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