MnIndy on RT Playing with Obama Toy: WTF?

I’m going to go ahead and say the Minnesota Independent posted a confusingly stupid story today about Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak playing with a Barack Obama finger puppet.

Maybe Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak doesn’t really want a job with the Obama administration after all. In a YouTube video released this week, hizzoner momentarily toys with a small felt replica of the person who has the power (among other powers) to hire him. “These are finger puppets?” Rybak exclaims. “Barack Obama finger puppets? I love this!”

This momentary toying lasts approximately three seconds (from seconds 52 to 55 in the video), and shows a childlike enthusiasm for a silly toy with the likeness of a very popular president-elect. Mayor Rybak didn’t make the puppet dance, he didn’t make the puppet say anything, he didn’t even seem to really put the puppet on his finger. He picks it up, says “Oooo, neat!” and puts it down again. This is very much like something I would do, especially with the directive the mayor was probably given to be cheery and playful.

You know, I really like MnIndy. But seriously: WTF. This video–and finger puppet segment– is harmless at worst, and genuinely hilarious at best.

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