Freaks,Football, and Hand Grenades.

Did you watch the Vikings? Here’s my quick assessment of the game.

1) So long #1 run defense. 2) Packer’s QB Aaron Rodgers is the real deal. 3) Brad Childress really doesn’t get coaching football in Minnesota.

Though the score of Minnesota 19 and Green Bay 24 seemed like an even match; the game really didn’t seem as close as the final score reflected. The Packers running game gashed the Vikings D Line and their pass attack blew up Vikings D Backfield like a hand grenade tossed by a stalwart football cliche.

Meanwhile, Minnesota ran with it’s tried and true game day strategy of predictibility and lackadaisical effort. There were a few exceptions to the rule of ineptitude. As usual Adrian Peterson looked awesome and newcomer Jared Allen managed to cause distruption for the Pack’s offense(no sacks, no tackles – some penalties) , but it wasn’t enough to thwart the Pack’s plan.

Childress really needs to wisen up. Here’s the scoop coach. We play 15 games a year and two that really matter more than the others, the rivalry with the Packers. So far you have managed to coach us to 5 losses in a row in this contest. If you can’t win a game against the Green you could atleast find us a new rival.

The game’s saving grace was the camera shots of the crowd. I’m not sure what’s with football fans wearing really terrible wigs, but this is a trend I’d like to see spread. Atleast if I could wear a mullet wig to work tomorrow people might talk about something other than this evening’s loss.

If you,dear reader, were to hop on this new wig wearing fashion wagon, what would be your style? I see you in an old timey judge wig. 

Did you watch the game? What did you think?

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