Day 1 at work in the Forbidden City

Actually, coming into work today in downtown St. Paul wasn’t really any different than any of the other times I had to come in. I did opt to take the 94 bus, rather than ride the scooter from Minneapolis, and it sounds like a made the correct choice. One of my co-workers rode her bicycle and discovered that all the bike racks around here have been removed. The police are also removing any bikes chained to signposts. She had to lock her bike up in a ramp near Union Depot. The 94 bus ended up being routed around the capitol before coming back over to Cedar, which only added another 10 minutes to the commute. Granted, I don’t have to cross any checkpoints, so it makes things a bit easier for me. I did overhear a woman on the bus say she was a delegate, but I thought it was a bit odd that she was on the bus, and not taking a shuttle from her hotel, or have some other form of transportation.

Overall, nothing really to report so far today. I’ll stroll around a bit during lunch, and see what’s going on in the skyways. After work, I plan on heading to either Innuendo or Camp, and see how the convention is affecting the two downtown St. Paul gay bars.

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