Fringe Report: August 8, 2008

fringe2008.pngI got to meet Curt Lund and Laura Bidgood briefly. My ex-roommate knows Curt and she had already told him how I had told her when I saw her last weekend that we saw Curt and Laura at Jimmy John’s and had a fangeek moment but were too shy/embarrassed to go up to them.

That Jimmy John’s at Riverview and 20th must do a brisk business during the Fringe. But probably only when the Rarig Center is a venue (because I don’t think it is every year).

Closing party on Sunday night.

On to the reviews.

Boys Don’t Make Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses by True Enough Theater
True Enough Theater aka Curt Lund and Laura Bidgood. I adore them. I just do. If you’ve seen Curt and Laura before, you know what to expect. Their storytelling is autobiographical, often self-effacing, and totally clever geek humor. I just want to *pinch their cheeks* when I see them. The Harry Potter glasses on the floor were a nice touch. The Rarig Center Arena is not ideal for their set up, so if you go see their last show on Sunday at 7, hope that it’s not too full or get there early enough so you’re not sitting behind them.

Tipping the Bucket by Allegra Lingo
Another known quantity going in to the show. Honestly, based on the Fringe-For-All preview, I wasn’t quite sure I was gonna like this one, but it was as good as I’d hoped. Allegra does a great job working the space in the Rarig Center Arena. She talks through her spiritual and religious path in life with both humor and meaning that anyone could relate to. Her description of the Wooddale church in Eden Prairie cracked me up, since I drive by there all the time. Solid. See her Saturday at 4 and Sunday at 2:30.

The Pumpkin Pie Show by Horse Trade Theater Group
This being my third storytelling show of the night, I was incredibly pleased to find this one to be different. The previous two were autobiographical, one comedic, one part comedy part thoughtful. The Pumpkin Pie Show was acting. Some funny, some dramatic, all extremely well played. Clay Mcleod Chapman and Hannah Cheek were phenomenal. I was completely captivated by each story. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed shows that didn’t take me in nearly as much as these two did. Recommended! Saturday at 5:30 is your last chance to see them.

All Rights Reserved: A Libertarian Rage by Maximum Verbosity
This is one of those cases of otherwise talented actors having a terrible script to work with. This was completely self-indulgent on the part of writer phillip andrew bennett low, who himself performed a number of screaming, ranty, ideological screeds throughout the show. He said nothing new or different or thoughtful or revolutionary. Disregarding whether or not I agree with any of the points he was trying to make, his presentation of them sucked. The gratuitous use of racial and anti-gay epithets added nothing to the show. Knowing who else was in the cast (Michael Shaeffer, Courtney McLean) I expected more. The bright spot was the songs performed by Michael Shaeffer and Neil Fennell. I’d like to have that hour of my life back, please.

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