Fringe Report: August 1, 2008

fringe2008.pngNow is probably not the time to bring this up as you are spending money attending shows, but maybe you are feeling the love so much that you are inspired to make a donation to the Minnesota Fringe Festival, which you can do at any time through out the year.

There are several Fringe events on tap for today (Saturday, Aug 2). All events are taking place at Fringe Central (aka the Bedlam Theater).

  1. Noon–3 pm: Kids’ Fringe Ice Cream Social “Fringey families kick off the festival with their very own ice cream social. Cake! Ice cream! Kids’ shows buzz!”
  2. 10 pm: Opening Weekend Party “Celebrate 15 years of Minnesota Fringe goodness at our very own quinceañera. We supply the piñata, birthday cake and music. You supply your funky self.”

There are art fairs aplenty going on this weekend, one being the Uptown Art Fair. Keep that in mind when heading to shows playing at Bryant-Lake Bowl.

On to the show reviews.

Nosdrahcir Sisters by Sara and Kimberly Richardson
This show was so freakin’ delightful. I love quirk and this show is full of it. For once, the show description is actually pretty accurate (instead of just trying to be catchy). “The imaginative lives of two quiet ladies. Teacups triumph, aliens say beep and mermaids shop in the produce aisle. A mishmash of clown, movement and object theatre, where everything is funny, even the sad.” There’s something really enjoyable about watching people (or characters) truly enjoy themselves even when you think what they’re doing is weird. This is my favorite show of the Fringe so far (all two days of it). Recommended!

An Inconvenient Squirrel by Joseph Scrimshaw Productions
I knew this guy would put up a great kids show and he absolutely did. It was clever, it had a good message, the kids clearly enjoyed it, it was visually interesting, there were a few lines in there for the enjoyment of the adults in the audience. It really was fantastically done. Recommended!

School of Rockstars by What Happened Productions
This is a show featuring many of the Twin Cities best storytellers, who all regularly do this somewhere else and who all have other shows playing in the Fringe. They sort themselves out into hosts, storytellers, and woodshedders. Who does what changes with every show, so each presentation will be different. This was the most disappointing show of the night for me. It’s good exposure to the best storytellers in town if you’ve never seen them before. I guarantee you’ll be inspired to see them again sometime, but if you have seen them before there’s a chance you’ll have seen some of this material already. The woodshedder idea is interesting — two storytellers on stage together try to one up each other — but I’m not sure how well it’ll actually work. I’d recommend you go see each of their respective shows instead.

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