More Sports Stadiums?


Sports stadiums are a hot issue in this state. Me and my wife have an argument over them once in awhile especially when taxpayer money is involved. I will have to admit, I am a sports fan, but not a super sports fan. I am just as happy to sit at home and watch sports on TV, the stadium experience can be expensive and crowded.

I found this article on the web that stadiums don’t benefit local economies. I also saw this quote “Public subsidies of professional sports stadiums provide no tangible public good” in the article.

I think this is a bit shortsighted, even though I hate the fact that public money is going to Companies that have millions and billions of dollars. The government gives subsidies to big companies all the time and not just sports teams.

Our quality of life in the Twin Cities looks better because of places like the Walker, The Guthrie, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and many of the other museums and theaters. I think the fact that we have more then 4 professional sports teams also enhances our cities and the state experience. This is a very well rounded state. We have all the cultural things and add the sports on top of that it’s a big plus.

You might not be able to quantify it, just by local merchants takes or which athletes live and spend in Minnesota. How about bigger companies who stay or decide to move here because of it. How about people who move here for jobs, or just move here because of our State being more visible.

With all this taxpayer money flowing into an endless quest for quality of life, I just wish they could make it more affordable for the taxpayers. A play at the Guthrie runs close to $40 per ticket which for a family of four can add up to well over $100, and tickets to a Vikings game would be over $200.

The bad part isn’t that we pay for all of this out of taxes, the bad part is we ending up paying twice.

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  1. Erica M (ericam) on June 12th, 2008 @ 12:53 pm

    I always have this debate with myself. I like sports. I like the fact that the Twin Cites has all the major and minor pro sports teams. I grew up in a city like that and most of the teams were actually good, too. So I do believe there’s some benefit to the community from a cultural standpoint.

    But, yeah, the taxpayer dollars and cents? No dice. Is it not enough for me to pay to go to a game, and pay to patronize these local businesses before and after, and pay to take public transit to get there and back? You want me to pay for the stadium, too? Pfffft.

    Y’all read that article Rich linked. Totally sums it all up.

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