On the Set of "Nobody"

My friend Autumn happened across a film crew in Northeast Minneapolis last week. Here’s her account of what she saw.

The film is called “Nobody” and it’s being written and directed by Rob Perez, who wrote 40 Days and 40 Nights. He moved here to shoot the film, apparently. It’s about an artist trying to find inspiration while attending art school. The lead is a guy named Sam Rosen, apparently a friend of Josh Hartnett. The film is being produced by someone named Christine Walker, who we saw yesterday on the set.

The film is supposedly a “low budget indie film” but as someone Tiffany works with pointed out, low budget these days just means it costs less than 50 million dollars. On site yesterday were several rental trucks, a couple of semis, a trailer or two, a giant pile of snow, and lots of Prius’ and SUVs lining the surrounding streets with city obstruction permits on their windshields.

There was quite a large crew. Camera men, site techs, costume people, interns shoveling snow into a wheelbarrow and wheeling it over to the bus stop, and kids in orange vests making sure no one ran over the crew as they crossed back and forth on the street. It was windy out, so it was even one girl’s job to hold up the corner poll of a rented tent over the director, so that it didn’t blow over. They took over an entire office building, two blocks for crew parking, a small stretch of road, and the church across the street, which they were using as a home base for bathrooms and crew lunches.

We watched about 7 or 8 takes of a scene where three guys are waiting for the bus in the cold. The camera panned over the men in coats and up the building, past the fake icicles and faux-fogged windows to a window on the top floor of the building where a man inside was doing something we couldn’t see–pouring some tea perhaps? The camera was on a hydraulic lift of some sort and a guy kept measuring the distance from the window to the camera to make sure they were getting the indoor shot on the 2nd floor okay.

A woman walking back home with an armful of McDonald’s food asked them what they were doing (“Filming a movie.”) and what it was called so that we wouldn’t have to. We sat on the church steps for about an hour and were quiet observers. After they called it a wrap for the day, the interns shoveled the snow back onto the pile. someone went up on the lift and took the fake icicles off of the building, placing them neatly in a ziplock bag for reuse. The director picked out some people from printed out headshots for tomorrow’s shoot… and then everyone drove away in their hybrid cars.

We could not find a ton of info about it online. Mostly job postings around town. Here are a couple of links, though.


Despite the glaring lack of incentives for film production in Minnesota (“Snowbates”), it’s nice to know that there is still some feature-film-making going on.

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  1. nayana on May 21st, 2008 @ 12:10 pm

    I love films shot in my hometown. It’s so fun to pick familiar places out of the background.

    That may, as a matter of fact, be one of the few reasons I keep watching Untamed Heart.

    I haven’t heard anything about this one until now, but I will keep my ears open.

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