Policy, a Pint, the Mortgage Mash

The Citizens League and 89.3 The Current are hosting an informational mini-bash at The Varsity tomorrow night, starting at 6pm. Policy and a Pint will focus on the mortgage market, or the concept formerly known as the mortgage market:

Everyone knows the mortgage market is in crisis – and that it’s dragging down the rest of the economy. But what caused it? How can we get out of it? And how can homeowners – and potential buyers – in Minnesota protect themselves?

Richard Todd from the Federal Reserve will help explain how we got here, and personal finance writer Kara McGuire from the Star Tribune will be on hand for practical advice for owners, buyers, sellers and renters alike.

I’m a little jealous of all of you that have the night off and are able to go. Not because I’m in the market to buy or sell a house any time soon, but it’s a major part of our economy right now…which is projected to only get worse. And not that the Varsity’s sparkley, voluptuous acoustics will be showcased by an informational session, but at least you get to enjoy the comfy venue.

It is $10 ($5 for students/alumni still utilizing student IDs), but you do get appetizers from the Loring Pasta Bar, which is also where the after-party will take place.

While the combination of beer, canapes, and mortgages sounds like a bad office barbeque, I’m guessing this one is going to be a decent Thursday night out.

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