Welcome to Times Square, Minneapolis

A few weeks ago, a new “feature” was erected on Hennepin Avenue, which coincidentally points right at the window next to my cubicle at work. That would be the electronic billboard atop the Pantages Theater, across the street from Gameworks in Block E. Normally it flashes through a rotation of ads for American Idol, local news, the lottery, and the weather (that one is kind of nice), and a few still shots of local nature. An autumnal photo was up yesterday, somewhat anachronistically. Bring on the tulips around Lake Harriet! On Valentine’s Day, someone was using it to send their missives of love. The one that I’m able to see so very clearly, is a vertical billboard, which replaced the disco ball that was there flashing out of the corner of my eye for such a long time last year. There is another, horizontally aligned on the rear of the building, pointing down at the crowds waiting to go into the Hard Rock, or the Target Center. I suppose, First Ave, too, but only if you’re waiting across the street.

It’s no Sony Jumbotron, but I expect a ball drop next New Years Eve. Oddly, the sign is off today. Watch, I’ll have finally posted about this, and the city will decide to remove it.

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  1. Erica M (ericam) on March 4th, 2008 @ 10:49 am

    Yeah, that thing is a beast. MPR has one you can seem from I-94 that’s a lot more sedate.

    I guess I’m not totally opposed as long as it’s not flashing all the time. Animated is one thing. Twitch-inducing is another.

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