Best Brands Exploiting Fear

Great story in the TC Daily Planet on Best Brands’ firing of workers at their Eagan plant by making threats regarding immigration status.

Basically, HR called a bunch of people into their office, one by one, and told them they had received no-match letters and had one week to bring in the proper documentation. Some did and had them rejected as fraudulent.

It’s believed that Best Brands went through this exercise in anticipation of a proposed directive from Homeland Security to add language to the no-match letters threatening companies with fines for knowingly employing undocumented workers. Note that it says “threaten” and that these letters from DHS were legally blocked.

According to one of the employees that was fired, the company was aware that many of its workers were not U.S. citizens and conveniently overlooked that fact for years. These workers are being allowed to re-apply for their jobs through a temp agency, which makes it cheaper for Best Brands to employ these same people and also shifts the burden of proof immigration status to the temp agency.

The fired workers are organizing and threatening to disclose health code violations if Best Brands does not cooperate.

Seems to me if a worker can’t provide the proper documentation, then it’s not unreasonable to fire them. The circumstances do leave a terrible taste in the mouth, though.

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