old = good. progress = good. So why can’t we do both?

This is likely semi-old news, but I think still worth mentioning…
MNSpeak has a short mention of Preserve Minneapolis.

Which actually quite nicely sums up something I have been ruminating on.
I drove by the old Ivy Tower (near the Orchestra Hall ramp) downtown this week, and was mildly appalled to see the giant new building which is beginning to encompass one of my favorite old buildings downtown. Got me to thinking how a) someone thinks the modern/ancient incongruency work together (sometimes they do… but definitely not in this case) and b) who’s balancing urban renewal and development (which I’m all for) with preserving some of the history around us?

I was really hopeful the Ivy Tower project would be a tick in the win column for working with existing period architecture, not just building something gargantuan around it. Sigh.

I may just join Preserve Minneapolis, after all. Max does mention they have cocktail soirees. I’m always game for that…

Related, does anyone know if there is (still) an organization dedicated to getting the Grain Belt sign lit up again?

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