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The Northeast Beat is a new site billing itself as “Blogging and Citizen Journalism for Northeast Minneapolis!”

A quick scroll through the sidebars shows links to NE nightlife, bloggers, neighborhoods and neighborhood associations, politicians, and shopping. Pretty good variety. I see pictures, plenty of linkage, and video. Points for style there. Posts on the front page right now are about community meetings, business news, things to do, and city/neighborhood issues, a heartwarming personal feature and a link roundup. Points for content, as well.

I asked The Powers That Be at Northeast Beat how things are going.

Metroblog: Where’d you get the idea and how did the Northeast Beat get started?
Northeast Beat: I guess I started the site for a few reasons. I moved to Northeast this fall after being away from Minneapolis for a few years. I wanted to be involved in the community, but wasn’t quite sure how. I’m a journalist, so I’m somewhat limited in the types of activities I get involved with. On the same note, I work for a fantastic neighborhood newspaper in a different part of the city, and thought it’d be great to have an outlet for that kind of work where I live. It seemed like there was room for a super-local, super-timely news source in Northeast, so I just went for it. I learned how to buy a domain name, set up a TypePad account and started posting.

MB: Who’s involved? Looking for many more? Trying to keep it small?
NB: It’s been mostly me so far, but I’m working on getting a handful of contributors up to speed, too. In fact, I’m meeting with one tomorrow morning. I work full-time, and can only be one place at a time, so I’d love to have more people involved. I think it would be great to have a correspondent for each neighborhood, and then a group of writers and contributors who want to do longer stories, videos, podcasts, etc. I’m not trying to keep it small, but I’m not trying to push it too much either. I’m trying to get new posts up about five times a week and see what happens from there.

MB: What’s your vision for the site?
NB: It’d be great if it become a hub for community news and conversation about Northeast. I check the site counter pretty regularily, but I’m more interested in the number of people posting comments. One post spawned a debate about how neighborhood organizations can increase get more people involved. A post about a crime-troubled bar being shut down generated a short but heated debate about race and class and Northeast’s relationship to the Northside.

Northeast Beat looks pretty awesome to me. But those of y’all who live in Northeast (or used to) would know better than I, so go visit. Leave a comment. Start a heated debate in the comments. Better yet, contact and sign up to contribute.

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