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So my “mom” had hip replacement surgery, and let me tell you… being a cyborg takes some getting used to. So she did her research and decided to check into Walker Methodist. This was a nice surprise, because it’s easily walkable for Katie and I.

This is where the good things seem to end. Outside of a few good nurses a lot of the staff has just been unresponsive to requests for ice packs, water and pain medication. These are the only things my mom’s requested. I can understand if systematically they are understaffed and overburdened, but this is a rehab center. It’s very hard to heal without being doped up on pain killers when there are titanium pieces molding into you.

My advice, if you need rehab… try somewhere else. The upside is they have finches… which were neat. I’m open to hearing other peoples experiences at this or other rehab centers around the TC.

Hey if anybody wants to collaborate on a web site (I had this idea while listening to mom)… I thought of this while talking about Hip replacement surgery. A collection of journals, memoirs, blogs about medical procedure. All indexed and taggable. So if I convinced my mom to write up her story, she could tag it as “hip replacement titanium walkermethodist methodisthospital minneapolis” and then other people could find out what they are in for. So much research needs to happen before you decide on scary operations, and I think this could be a boon for people. I can code, but marketing (on the cheap) takes just as much time, I think.

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  1. Chris (unregistered) on July 11th, 2006 @ 8:35 am

    I too had hip replacement surgery and elected to go to Walker afterwards. I went into Walker on a Sunday at noon and was home on Tuesday. It was HORRIBLE!

    I hope your mom makes a quick recovery!!

  2. Dave Dash (unregistered) on July 11th, 2006 @ 8:47 am

    She was in from Friday before the 4th of July to the following Friday. She had wanted to stay longer initially, but she felt she was getting worse (stress) by staying.

    I think she’ll be fine.

  3. Heather K (unregistered) on July 11th, 2006 @ 10:59 am

    Good to know!

    My Mom’s having knee replacement later this year and we’re going to have to research the heck out of facilities like this to make sure she gets an exemplary one.

    I’ll ask her if she’d be willing to document her surgery;)

  4. hackel (unregistered) on July 17th, 2006 @ 8:29 pm


  5. Erica (unregistered) on July 17th, 2006 @ 9:12 pm

    hospitalsby.us — Heh.

  6. Lynn Starkovich (unregistered) on July 24th, 2006 @ 9:58 am

    I am very sorry the people on this blog feel the way they do about Walker Methodist and the care received by their loved ones. I wish I had known so I could have done something to get your parents what they needed. We are a lsrge facility and it is difficult to monitor all staff 24/7. However, I can tell you we do our best to monitor quality of care and when we do learn of problems we act swiftly and appropriately. My father is at Walker and he will tell you he gets wonderful care and has made many friends with the staff. Walker does not want dissatisfied customers and we do try to do a good job. I wish the families had shared their concerns with the administration of Walker so we could check into the allegations and make immediate improvements if necessary. Forming a blog to dramatize past issues does not help Walker to improve nor does it accomplish anything constructive other than allowing people to vent after the fact. My door is always open as is the administrator’s and associate administrators. However we can’t fix what we don’t know. I would welcome any face to face comments and specifics so we can assure it doesn’t happen again. I take personal interest in the care of all our residents and this blog hurt me to the core. Thank you. Lynn, CEO of Walker Methodist

  7. Dave Dash (unregistered) on July 24th, 2006 @ 10:59 am


    Sorry this entry was a bit shorter than it could have been and I didn’t quite share all the details.

    When we went to visit Mom, we had been given the history of her stay, which consisted of an endless cycle of calls to various administrators. She had a list of poeple she had talked to, and I’m sure at some point she talked to you.

    Ample time was spent going through the system and trying to get just some basic improvements. The night my wife and I were over, ther was a very accomodating nurse… a “problem solver” by all accounts who in my eyes did a great job.

    But in any case, playing phone-tag with admins open-door or otherwise is no way to rehab. I’ll forward this blog post to my mom, and see her side of things. This isn’t one or two bad seeds, there’s obviously some systematic problems at fault, especially if customers have no democratic control over the care they recieve.

    I hardly think this blog was formed to dramatize past issues. This post was left here as advice to fellow members on our past experiences. I didn’t post this to slander WM, I posted it to let people know what level of service we had, and it really is my hope that people would come out to contradict me and say, the service our family had recieved was not the normal, but clearly that hasn’t been the case. Currently the only dissenting comment on this opinion is held by you, the CEO.

    Honestly we would like the Walker to be successful and be an exemplary model of rehab. After all this is in our neighborhood, and we were really disappointed. I am glad that this post found it’s way to you, and hopefully in the future you’ll see some posts on this and other blogs about how great Walker is.


    Dave Dash

  8. JoEllen Wood-Scholer (unregistered) on July 28th, 2006 @ 3:38 pm

    HI My name is JoEllen Wood-Scholer

    I had interviewed with Lyn Lais, 1 1/2months before coming to Walker, the day I met with her we talked for over an hour about my possibly coming to this facility.

    I am the person that Dave was talking about who was recently a patient at Walker Methodist. My expectations of this place were blown out of the water after the second day. This is the run down of what I experienced and believe me – I wish I were making this up!

    Thurs., June 29th I was admitted around 2PM b- Room G217 – things went fine for the first day.

    Fri, June 30 – 30th 9:45PM – 11PM waiting for pain pills.

    Sat, July 1 – 4:23AM – 4:50AM rang for nurse, nurse assistant finally came in. Got pain pill at 4:59AM . After talking with Karen she stated if I continued to have problems to call her even in the early AM! Half the time I could not understand the nurse assistants or I don’t think they understood what I was asking for. Many times I had to repeat myself.

    Sun., July 2 – 7:45AM until after breakfast no one would acknowledge I had asked for my pain pills several times. Everyone’s excuse was “it’s breakfast time and we are all busy”. The aide who came to my room, I told him about my pain pills and other things I needed (ie ice pack and ice water). No one would respond, then this male aide came back in again and wanted to know if I wanted breakfast, I said no, I just wanted my meds! He still brought in breakfast. It wasn’t until way after breakfast hour before receiving my pain pill.

    Mon., July 3 – 8:30AM left messages around the facility – John Huhn (called me at 11:30AM) that a Kathy would come see me (she did between 8:46-9:36AM)

    11:40AM I called my surgeon’s assistant about what was going on- she told me to contact my case worker or social worker here at Walker. Which I had no clue as to who that is. I had been in too much pain this week to keep up with who’s who. She also said to call the doctor on call since Dr Strathy was out of town on business. She said she would leave a note for Dr Strathy when he returned.

    After talking with her I also called Dr Kennedy (my eye doctor) That I was having problems with my left I – I noticed first thing after waking up that I couldn’t see very clear. I had a blotch in the left portion and it was of orangish red. He later called back and we discussed this and he was very concerned. He told me to take note if it got worse or not and to call him on his cell phone or home number.

    6:30PM I called and talked with Dr. Walch (dr on call for Dr Strathy) I told him what was going on and there was nothing he could do but he would make sure Dr Strathy would get an email from him to what was happening.
    After 9:40PM pill, Luann came in to talk with me, she received a call from Karen. We talked for a while about what was going on.

    Tues., July 4 – 4PM after coming in from outside I stopped at the front desk and requested for an ice pack. After 15 minutes, more of waiting I had to ring at least 4 times more still nothing, at 4:50PM male nurse assistant came in, no ice was available, at 5:05PM I called Karen again and again at 5:10 begging for an ice pack, now I asked for my pain pill. Called Karen again at 5:30PM. “Bookie” finally brought pill at 5:40PM. No ice and another excuse it’s “Dinner time” I was mad by this time. I told them there had to be ice on the premises besides this floor and go look for some. Finally after another ½ -45 min. someone found 2 small ice packs, after waiting over two hours.

    Wed., July 5 – 8:30AM – Get staples out today, saw Dr. Lane (Dr Strathy’s assistant) 9:30AM Ultrasound on right leg to make sure no blood clots , I also explained about my left eye, he said he wouldn’t know what caused it. I told him I was going to my eye doctor after I left here.

    11:00AM saw Dr Kennedy (eye doctor) I just saw him 1 ½ months ago for my checkup and things were fine then. He spent quite a while with me then He was very concerned and wanted me to see a specialist today at Health West. Dr Johnson

    12:30PM vitreoRetinal specialist Dr Jill. Johnson – (eye hemorrhage) in both eyes mostly in left, and very concerned that it is almost in the iris. Didn’t get back to Walker until after 2PM

    4:PM Saw Patricia doctor’s assistant we talked for a while and asked when I wanted to leave and I said “as soon as possible” I had to wait until PT was done with me and papers would be signed – Friday July 7th was the Date I decided would be it.

    Approximately7PM a nurse assistant came in to see if I needed anything or a clean nightie- I said no, but would like my pain pill around 7:30PM. At 7:45PM rang front desk, still no answer, by 8:15PM went to front desk myself. Saw a nurse at the pill cart (if that’s what you call it. I asked if I could get my pain pill. She said she couldn’t give it to me but I would have to wait! Then I saw the nurse assistant coming off the elevator. She walked over to where we were at. I asked her again about what I had requested earlier, she responded she remembered and she couldn’t give me the pill and I said find the person who could, all I got was she’s on break and I said to find her. I have been waiting quite some time. Then she started yelling at me like it was my fault just for being there. I told her she had no right to yell at me that I am paying money to stay here and it was her job to get me what I was needing. Or someone that could. I went back to my room. When the nurse did come in around 8:25PM I was furious beyond words. She wanted to know what was wrong and I explained. We talked for a while and we both decided to change my pill taking to a scheduled time – every five (5) hours and it was alright for anyone to wake me if necessary to give me my pain pill.

    Thurs., July 6 my pain pill was due at 12AM didn’t get it until around 12:45AM., and at 5:30-5:50AM rang for ice pack, 3 times I called nurses station let ring over 10 times until someone came to my room, then I waited another 1-15 minutes more. I was also told my the male nurse later this evening it was my “bath” night and I said I was fine, but he didn’t seem to happy that was going to be able to give me my bath. Not on your life.

    Fri, July 7 – My last pill was at 1AM (next one due around 6-7AM) I woke 1-2x in the night to go to bathroom, had a decent night sleep, was woke up around 7:30AM by the nurse for one of my pills (not pain pill) was told no pain pills available right now. Not until they were delivered this morning. No pain right now. Had breakfast around 8AM. Dressed and around 8:30-8:45AM went outside to patio for a while until pills came. Wasn’t until after 10AM did they ever come!! So much for having my meds on hand. I can’t wait to leave. I was laying in bed resting and could hear someone come in and he said “wake up bitch” in a low voice. At first I was stunned and I thought maybe I heard wrong. But then again nothing surprised me. My husband couldn’t come fast enough.

    Both times my youngest daughter came to visit she saw first hand how the nurses and staff were towards helping me or anyone. Attitude came to mind or lazy,. And when my older daughter and family came as well as my son and his wife, as well as my own husband on several evenings.
    So I wasn’t the only one who experienced seeing this first hand.

    Fri., July 28th 9:50AM meet with my surgeon for followup exam and he was very upset with how I had been treated at Walker.

    I did leave a voice message for Lynn Starkovich but she herself did not respond. I thought maybe if I left a message with the CEO of the facility I might just get some response. After what I went through – I wasn’t surprised. What ever happened to patient care??????


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