Heaven discovered

Mr. Huge Storm That Even Downed a Huge Branch in Our Yard made canoeing an impossibility (luckily I realized this before setting out, or I’d have been on the lake when the storm hit). Instead, We drove over to Stillwater. Lumberjack Days is going on, and it’s a good time.

After all, it’s where I found heaven: Tremblay’s, in downtown Stillwater.

Let me tell you: I am extremely picky about candy. The vast majority of it is gross to me in some way. I like my chocolate imported and very dark. I like my sweets flavorful, not too sweet, and with a texture appropriate to their form (e.g., gummi bears that are chewy but don’t stick in one’s teeth, ju-jubes that DO stick in one’s teeth but are not hard). I was nervous about the saltwater taffy I picked out, since I’ve been burned on salt water taffy before. It’s not that it’s unedible but it certainly doesn’t make one chow down. This is entirely different. The flavor is strong enough to last throughout the whole chew, which is substantial. It’s gooey and sticky, but not in a way that sticks in your teeth. And it is the first saltwater taffy I’ve tried that is salty, and it makes a world of difference. And the chocolates! Matthew had a chocolate-dipped strawberry, which was by all accounts, delicious. We each took a turtle for later; good thing we didn’t try it then, or we’d have bought out the whole store. It was perfection. Not too sweet (my candy pet peeve), creamy caramel that wasn’t too soft, tons of toasted pecans and just the right amount of chocolate on top.

It must’ve made an impression; look at the size of that paragraph!

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