I voted this morning, and I think I am going to have to volunteer next year. Thank God Minnesotans don’t get too worked up, especially at 7 in the morning, because this was a disorganized boondoggle. Nothing was really going awry, but no one who walked into the library of the Northeast Middle School had any idea where they were supposed to go. I’m not an age-ist, but the old ladies running the place might need to take some more Ginko Biloba or turn up their hearing aides. Trying to vouch for my roommate was touch and go. The woman expected us to know what the process was. If we knew that, she’d have no reason for being there. At 7:15, volunteers were running around like a bomb went off. The rest of us patiently waited in line like Good Midwesterners, quietly hoping to God that we were standing in the right line. And the easiest jobs, signing in pre-registered voters, went to attractive young women. The lucky preregistered bastard whose last name started with K-O was going to have a pleasant start to his morning.

Anyway, I voted. And I’m glad I did. And next election, you may see me at the polls, running the process like a drill seargent.

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